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BC Mills House at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park Mills House at Lynn Headwaters Regional ParkHistoric BC Mills House, in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park
Douglas squirrel at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park squirrel at Lynn Headwaters Regional ParkA curious Douglas squirrel clambers out on a lichen covered branch to see what's going on in its neighbourhood.
Forest sentinel at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park sentinel at Lynn Headwaters Regional ParkA massive stump is all that remains of one of the giant trees that grew in the old growth forests of what is now Lynn Headwaters Regional Park.
Lynn Creek in summer Creek in summerThe creek, forest, mountains and sky combine in mesmerizing shades of blue and green on a summer's day at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park.
Norvan Falls at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park Falls at Lynn Headwaters Regional ParkA five hour return trip for fit hikers, Norvan Falls is a scenic destination.
Subalpine backcountry at Lynn Headwaters backcountry at Lynn HeadwatersThe subalpine backcountry at Lynn Headwaters is spectacular, but you need to be prepared when you hike here. This is wilderness -- with all its inherent risks.





Lynn Headwaters Regional ParkLynn Headwaters Regional Park-123.02465925849.3547356023,,+-123.02465925800&sll=49.199962,,-122.579082&sspn=0.021144,,0.055661&ie=UTF8&z=16,,+-123.02465925800&sll=49.199962,-122.579082&sspn=0.021144,0.055661&ie=UTF8&z=16<div class="ExternalClassEEB8EE5B81624B40A93AD7E9952DD2A2">From Highway 1, take the Lynn Valley Road exit in North Vancouver. Follow Lynn Valley Road north to its end. All three parking areas provide access to all trails in the park. </div><div class="ExternalClassEEB8EE5B81624B40A93AD7E9952DD2A2"> </div> <div class="ExternalClassEEB8EE5B81624B40A93AD7E9952DD2A2"><span lang="EN-US">Please remember: you are entering </span>a wilderness area; all visitors should bring a daypack with basic supplies and notify someone where they are going and when they expect to return.<strong><font color="#4466ae"><br></font></strong></div> <div class="ExternalClassEEB8EE5B81624B40A93AD7E9952DD2A2"> </div>, Lynn Headwaters



Lynn HeadwatersLynn Headwaters<div class="ExternalClassECC5C1F8B4A7478EB82F6CA48BB84614"><p><span aria-hidden="true"><span aria-hidden="true">Due to recent rainfall the fire danger rating is currently in LOW. Visitors are asked to obey posted signs and check back for regular updates as conditions and restrictions can change quickly.</span></span></p></div>2017-09-19T07:00:00ZLOW



Backcountry trails open<div class="ExternalClassD498EA63805044FE81967EEB3A04EC10"><div>Backcountry routes are open. Remember, you need to wear good hiking boots, know where you're going and how to get there. <br>Also carry the requisite essentials (water, food, headlamp, first-aid kit, extra clothes, signalling device, pocket knife, navigation device, cell phone). For more, check out North Shore Rescue's essentials <a href="">page</a></div></div>True
Lynn Creek levels running high<div class="ExternalClass5809269C78424296A89B41FF2CA23415"><div>Because of recent weather, Lynn Creek is running very high. Please stay well back from the water's edge. Crews are monitoring trails.</div><div>As well, there may be some pooling water on park trails.</div></div>True
Trail Conditions <div class="ExternalClass183ECD7AB86E404DBF183A8205E201FC"><div> <div><span style="color:#444444;"><p><span style="color:#444444;">11 Oct - Sunset is at 6 PM</span></p><p>The first snow of the season fell Oct. 11 at the higher elevations of Lynn Headwaters Regional Park. <br>Daytime temperatures can be in the low single digits, so bring extra layers of warm clothing for when you stop to rest.<br>Since daylight hours are shorter, bring a headlamp or flashlight if you're hiking after 3 pm. <br>Park visitors accessing higher elevation areas should be trained and equipped for mountain travel and rapidly changing weather conditions. </p></span></div></div></div>True
Access Road <div class="ExternalClassB753043A36064B009C513F3A324A24E0"><p>The entrance road to the park has reopened to vehicles.  <br>Please drive slowly as cyclists and pedestrians may be on the road as well.<br>Thank you for your patience for the past months while the road has been under repair.</p></div>True





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