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Metro Vancouver’s paramount commitment is to maintain critical services to the region while protecting the health and safety of our employees, our partners and the public.

The Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR) remains open, providing an important outlet for residents to enjoy the outdoors.

While visiting the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, please remember to follow these guidelines.

COVID-19 Updates  for Metro Vancouver Regional Parks

Dog Walking Questionnaire

We are revamping the way we manage dogs in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve and want to hear from all types of trail users. Fill out our questionnaire and share your opinions about dogs in the LSCR.



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The historic Twin Bridges site in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve now has a new, higher and longer crossing over the Seymour River. The long-anticipated suspension bridge replaces the previous pedestrian bridge which was removed after the December 2014 Seymour River rock slide.

Inclement Weather

​Fall and winter are here bringing along inclement weather such as high winds, extreme rainfall and snow. During severe weather events, the LSCR (north of 2km) can be dangerous due to conditions including: debris torrents, flooding, high flows, stranding due to road washouts or tree failure from high winds. Please respect closure signage during these events.



Bear Island Island
Circuit 8 Crossing 8 Crossing
Fisherman's Trail 2's Trail 2
Fishermans Trail Trail
LSCR photo7 photo7Leisurely bike outing Seymour Valley Trailway.
LSCR- photo10 photo10Seymour River meandering through a stand of old growth forest.
LSCR- photo9 photo9Canoeing down Seymour River above Seymour Canyon.
LSCR-photo2 sets behind old growth Sitka Spruce tree in the LSCR.
LSCR-photo5 born fawn plays hide and seek in grass near Rice Lake.
Main Picnic Area Picnic Area
Mid Valley Chairs Valley Chairs
Rice Lake Gate Lake Gate
Rice Lake Gazebo Lake Gazebo
Rice Lake Wharf Lake Wharf
Seymour Falls Gazebo Falls Gazebo






Inclement Weather Closures

Prolonged periods of heavy rain in our steep coastal mountains routinely results in potential hazards to human life and safety. Access restrictions are initiated when a specific set of precipitation criteria have been met, resulting in trail closures past 2km in the LSCR. Please watch for access updates following weather warnings or high precipitation.

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Fishermen’s Trail Closure<div class="ExternalClass3D8C84032F894B6BB962205F15DE1022"><p>Trail upgrades and drainage improvements are set to continue on Fisherman’s Trail (North). The trail will be closed during operational hours from late September to early October. Please obey all closure signage.<br></p></div>True
Dog Mountain Trail Work<div class="ExternalClassD50FAF87497A4A099B65359E2E518639"><p>Dog Mountain Trail will be undergoing upgrades beginning September 23rd. Expect intermittent trail closures September 23rd – 24th . The trail will remain open while work continues until October.<br></p></div>True
Baden Powell Parking Lot Closure<div class="ExternalClass2DF8F7ED27B64FDAA49CB8E5283688DC"><p>The Baden Powell parking lot on Lillooet Road will be closed until further notice while the DNV performs re-surfacing work on the Baden Powell/Diamond Head trail. Please obey signage and use caution while driving past the area.<br></p></div>True
Repairs on the Seymour Valley Trailway<div class="ExternalClass3568FDE0E6424C06A864EF67A89C3D2B"><p>The Seymour Valley Trailway will be undergoing repairs at 4-5 km until the end of July. Only one lane will be open while crews are working. The section will be unpaved gravel until the fall. Please obey traffic controllers and be prepared to dismount in work zones.<br></p></div>True
CBC Trail Upgrades<div class="ExternalClass39E3F9C894E24C269C25D708DC66C8EA"><p>​CBC upgrades will begin mid-July. To ensure worker and user safety, the entire trail will remain closed until the end of November when construction is complete.<br></p></div>True
E-Bikes on Trails<div class="ExternalClass35159DDE0DA041CC9C651CC949558EC4"><p>Only Class 1 pedal assisted e-bikes are permitted in the LSCR. Motorized/throttle actuated vehicles are not permitted on the trail network. Do not exceed 30km/hr and yield to all other trail users.</p><br></div>True
Seymour Valley Trailway Safety<div class="ExternalClass3C7540150CFF4C22B91CABDF71FCFA93"><p>​No motorized vehicles on the trailway. Go slow and respect all users.</p></div>True
Fishing Banned between Seymour Dam and Seymour Estuary<div class="ExternalClassC19DFD71A9FD4B638297A523E2E102BC"><p><a href="">​more information from Fisheries and Oceans Canada</a></p></div>True



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