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Grouse Mountain Regional ParkGrouse Mountain Regional Park-123.09492349.370515°22%2713.8%22N+123°05%2741.7%22W/@49.3705185,,-123.0971117,,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d49.370515!4d-123.094923?hl=en, Google map<div class="ExternalClass552F27F8EDD242E9AD8AE05ED5E4C9D0"><p>​<span lang="EN-US">Grouse Mountain Regional Park is accessible by transit. Translink (link to </span><a href="" target="_blank"></a>) can provide detailed information.<br><br></p></div>,



<div class="ExternalClassBBF5114C5FA644FC9B4D157D415438E0"><div class="panel"><p><i class="fa fa-arrow-right"></i> <a href="/services/parks/parks-greenways-reserves/grouse-grind">Grouse Grind Information</a></p><p><i class="fa fa-arrow-right"></i> <a href="/services/parks/learn/projects-and-initiatives/grouse-mountain-park-planning/Pages/default.aspx">Grouse Mountain Regional Park – Park Planning</a></p></div></div>



Grouse MountainGrouse Mountain<div class="ExternalClassB268463A12EB48D991A18252BA113E66"><ul><li>Campfires are permitted in designated areas with containment facilities (i.e. fire rings/pits), and only as local fire authorities allow</li><li>Portable CSA or ULC approved campfire apparatus are permitted in designated areas</li><li>Briquette and propane barbeques and gas cooking stoves are permitted in approved facilities under direct supervision – if you are using briquettes, PLEASE dispose of them carefully in provided receptacles</li><li>Report all forest fires to 911 and Parks staff<br><br>For more information call 604-432-6350.</li></ul></div>2018-05-15T07:00:00ZMODERATE



Grouse Grind Trail seasonal maintenance starting May 22<div class="ExternalClass0028246FFABB4BB4A047994DD3F24E29"><p>The Grouse Grind Trail will close for safety maintenance starting Tues, May 22. Safety maintenance includes rock scaling, danger tree removal, step repair and safety netting replacement and will take a few weeks to complete.<br>The BCMC Trail  can be used during this time as an alternative route.<br></p> </div>True
BCMC Trail conditions update<div class="ExternalClassBFF53E417C66405996AAAC130A24C3AC"><p>Snow is melting, but can still be found at about the 900 metre elevation (near the junction with Larsen Trail). Hiking boots, an extra layer, water, snacks, cell-phone and microspikes are recommended.</p></div>True





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