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Metro Vancouver’s paramount commitment is to maintain critical services to the region while protecting the health and safety of our employees, our partners and the public.

All our regional parks, with the exception of Brae Island Regional Park and Barnston Island Regional Park remain open, providing important outlets for residents to enjoy the outdoors.

While visiting Metro Vancouver Regional Parks, please remember to follow these guidelines



<div class="ExternalClass4724E248D0A54D1CA6E1AD6C7D31A558"><p><strong style="color:#ffa500;">​The Grouse Grind Trail is CLOSED due to snow and ice accumulations.<br><br></strong><strong style="color:#ffa500;">Grouse Mountain Resort has suspended operations, meaning the tram is not available to use for downloading.</strong><br></p></div>



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Grouse Mountain Regional ParkGrouse Mountain Regional Park-123.09492349.370515°22%2713.8%22N+123°05%2741.7%22W/@49.3705185,,-123.0971117,,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d49.370515!4d-123.094923?hl=en, Google map,



<div class="ExternalClassBBF5114C5FA644FC9B4D157D415438E0"><div class="panel"><p><i class="fa fa-arrow-right"></i> <a href="/services/parks/parks-greenways-reserves/grouse-grind">Grouse Grind Information</a><br></p></div></div>





Skyride closed<div class="ExternalClassB6079DD746114D22904857375BA385F1"><p>​Grouse Mountain Resorts is suspending operations effective 6 pm on Monday, Mar. 16.<br>For those who hike the BCMC Route, that means the only way down the mountain will be the BCMC Route.<br>(The Grouse Grind Trail is currently closed due to snow and ice accumulations.)<br>The gate will close at 3:30 pm effective immediately.<br></p></div>True
Grouse Grind Trail CLOSED<div class="ExternalClass4BD07EA5C1E34971BB6081182CAE2854"><p>The Grouse Grind Trail remains closed due to icy, snowy conditions. Please respect the closure for your own safety and the safety of first responders.<br></p></div>True
BCMC Route winter conditions<div class="ExternalClass3C614928D11047F69801CAFB672A8D64"><p>Hikers on the BCMC Route should be prepared for full-on winter conditions. Wear hiking boots, winter clothing and carry microspikes. <br></p></div>True





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