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<div class="ExternalClass02CBDB3A23184479A4C7D52513B69B77"><p>​<strong style="color:#ffa500;">The Grouse Grind Trail has reopened. Important reminders:</strong></p><ul><li><span style="color:#ffa500;text-decoration-style:solid;text-decoration-color:#ffa500;"><span style="text-decoration-style:solid;text-decoration-color:#ffa500;">Stay 2 meters apart from other hikers as much as possible</span><br style="text-decoration-style:solid;text-decoration-color:#ffa500;"></span></li><li><span style="color:#ffa500;text-decoration-style:solid;text-decoration-color:#ffa500;"><span style="text-decoration-style:solid;text-decoration-color:#ffa500;">To return via the Skyride, you need to reserve in advance at</span><br style="text-decoration-style:solid;text-decoration-color:#ffa500;"></span></li><li><span style="color:#ffa500;text-decoration-style:solid;text-decoration-color:#ffa500;">Or return via the BCMC Route (allow 2 hours of hiking on a steep, rough trail) Good footwear with ankle support, water, a snack and an extra layer are highly recommended. <br>If you intend to access water or food at the mountaintop facility, plan in advance.</span></li><li><span style="color:#ffa500;text-decoration-style:solid;text-decoration-color:#ffa500;">HIking down the Grouse Grind Trail is <strong>NOT</strong> allowed.</span></li></ul></div>



Grouse Mountain Regional ParkGrouse Mountain Regional Park295686249








Grouse Mountain Regional ParkGrouse Mountain Regional Park-123.09492349.370515°22%2713.8%22N+123°05%2741.7%22W/@49.3705185,,-123.0971117,,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d49.370515!4d-123.094923?hl=en, Google map,



<div class="ExternalClassBBF5114C5FA644FC9B4D157D415438E0"><div class="panel"><p><i class="fa fa-arrow-right"></i> <a href="/services/parks/parks-greenways-reserves/grouse-grind">Grouse Grind Information</a><br></p></div></div>





Grouse Grind Trail has reopened<div class="ExternalClass10974801BDD442B49059103878B7BDC8"><p>The Grouse Grind Trail has reopened. Here are some important reminders:<br></p><ul><li>You'll need to stay 2 meters apart from other hikers as much as possible<br></li><li>If you want to return via the Skyride, you'll need to reserve in advance at<br></li><li>Or return via the BCMC Route (allow 2 hours of hiking on a steep, rough trail). Good footwear with ankle support, water, a snack and an extra layer are highly recommended.<br></li><li>Hiking down the Grouse Grind Trail is <strong>NOT</strong> allowed.<br></li></ul><p></p></div>True
BCMC Route conditions<div class="ExternalClass3C614928D11047F69801CAFB672A8D64"><p>The snow is finally gone, but cooler temperatures remain at the top.<br>Wear hiking boots and appropriate clothing. Carry water and a snack.<br></p></div>True
Bear sighting on BCMC Route<div class="ExternalClass059956381D6F4F7192495915D1682897"><p>​A bear has been seen on a regular basis on the BCMC Route.<br></p><p>Please remember to be bear aware and give bears respect and distance. Do not attempt to get close to a bear or feed a bear.  <br></p><p>Also, remember to pack out all your garbage (including organic waste such as apple cores and banana peels). <br></p><p>If you do encounter a bear:<br></p><ul><li>Do not run. <br><em>Face the bear and back away slowly.</em></li><li>Stay calm. <br><em>Talk to the bear in a confident voice.</em></li><li>Make sure the bear has a clear exit. <br><em>He or she is likely just as anxious to get out of there as you are.</em></li></ul></div>True





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