Fraser Islands Regional Park Reserve

Fraser Islands Regional Park Reserve protects more than 200 hectares of important river island habitat. Three islands make up the reserve – Douglas Island, near the junction of the Fraser and Pitt rivers, as well as Don Island and Lion Island, farther downstream near the western end of Annacis Island.

Unlike many islands in the lower Fraser River, these three have no dykes, so the spring freshets flood the low-lying portions each year. The islands’ small streams and channels provide important habitat for juvenile salmon and other fish species. The year-round wetland habitat is also important to a variety of amphibians, birds and other wildlife.

Because of the ecological importance of the Fraser Island Regional Park Reserve and the lack of facilities, the islands are not open to the public.




Fraser IslandsFraser Islands<div class="ExternalClassEC4E109CA18F41B2BF348EC9F0E95EEF"><p>This area is not open to the public, please report all wildfires to 911 and regional parks staff</p><p>For more information call 604-432-6350.</p></div>2023-05-17T07:00:00ZMODERATE