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Delta South Surrey Regional GreenwayDelta South Surrey Regional Greenway



Wildflowers line the trail line the trailWildflowers line the trail along the Delta South Surrey Greenway
Fireweed, a native plant species used by bumblebees and butterflies, grows alongside the Delta South Surrey Regional Greenway.
Cycling the greenway the greenwayThe Delta South Surrey Greenway is used by cyclists as a commuting route and as a great place for a casual bike ride.
Tree lined connector lined connectorSome portions of the Delta South Surrey Regional Greenway are lush with trees, shrubs and wildflowers.





Delta South Surrey Regional GreenwayDelta South Surrey Regional Greenway-122.91908949.116354, Delta - South Surrey



<div class="ExternalClass2731B6A327E943C78E6350BA9A5F40DF"><div class="panel"><h4>SPECIAL PROJECT</h4><p> <i class="fa fa-arrow-right"></i> <a href="/services/parks/learn/projects-and-initiatives/Delta-Nature-Reserve-and-Delta-South-Surrey-Regional-Greenway-Management-Plan/Pages/default.aspx" target="_blank"> Delta Nature Reserve & Delta South Surrey Regional Greenway - Management Plan</a><br></p></div></div>





Trail closure starts Oct. 25<div class="ExternalClass8DFD292773384C819D8FC28A4303E93B"><div>A <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/dsg-trailclosure-oct2021.JPG" target="_blank">section of the greenway</a> between 64 Avenue and Highway 10 will be closed for tree work starting Monday, October 25. The work is expected to take about a week. There will be no public access during this time. Please follow posted safety signs and plan alternate routes. Thanks for your cooperation. For more information, call 604-520-6442.<br></div></div>True
Seasonal, sporadic trail flooding<div class="ExternalClass4E1D74C41C0749CC93A37DE803D7A145"><p>​Due to site conditions, some sections of the trail may be intermittently and unpredictably flooded after heavy rainfall. Please follow posted safety signs.<br></p></div>True


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