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Burrvilla at Deas Island Regional Park at Deas Island Regional ParkBurrvilla, built in 1905-06, is a summer nursery for hundreds of bats.
Chickadee at nest at nestA black-capped chickadee perches outside her nest.
Deas Island Regional Park floating dock Island Regional Park floating dockThe floating dock at Deas Island Regional Park can be used to launch canoes, kayaks, rowboats or other non-motorized craft.
Great blue heron at Deas Island Regional Park blue heron at Deas Island Regional ParkA great blue heron rests on the shore of Deas Island Regional Park.
Inverholme Schoolhouse SchoolhouseInverholme Schoolhouse on Deas Island is a popular facility for weddings and other gatherings.
Large-leaved lupines at Deas Island Regional Park lupines at Deas Island Regional ParkLarge leaved lupines are among the wildflower species that fill the sandy meadow next to Sloughview Trail on Deas Island Regional Park.
Tinmakers Walk at Deas Island Regional Park Walk at Deas Island Regional ParkTinmakers Walk is a lovely trail through the shade of cottonwood forest along the banks of the Fraser River.
View from tower at Deas Island Regional Park from tower at Deas Island Regional ParkLooking east from the viewing tower at Deas Island Regional Park, one can see the broad reach of the south arm of the Fraser River as well as distant mountains of the Coast Range.





Deas Island Regional ParkDeas Island Regional Park-123.04976846149.1272393435,,+-123.04976846100&sll=49.387545,,-123.354687&sspn=0.010532,,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=16,,+-123.04976846100&sll=49.387545,-123.354687&sspn=0.010532,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=16<div class="ExternalClass9A51DB4BC73343E7A1E13AA72F51D9D5">Deas Island Regional Park is in Delta, 2.5 km north east of the George Massey tunnel, near the Highway 99 and Highway 17A junction. The park entrance is where 62B Street and River Road join, on the west side of this junction. The entrance is marked from the roadway. </div>, Deas Island





Deas IslandDeas Island<div class="ExternalClass0484C732C2CF4FFF83B219F24D56B653">Due to recent rain, the fire danger rating is currently LOW. Please comply with posted signs. Check back for regular updates as conditions & restrictions can change quickly.</div>2018-09-11T07:00:00ZLOW



Park Access Limited: Oct 10<div class="ExternalClassEB76AAC2566946F7889EC54D8F32F578"><p>​The parking lots, dock and picnic area near the Delta Deas Rowing Club is booked for filming and will be closed to the public on Wed. Oct 10, 2018. Traffic control on the park road for the filming area may limit access so visitors should expect short, intermittent delays when entering or leaving the park. Visitors can also expect to encounter film crews and equipment on Oct 09 and Oct 11. For more information, call 604-520-6442.</p></div>True





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