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A curious Douglas squirrel curious Douglas squirrelphoto by Tammy Hubbard
Campbell Valley photo1 Valley photo1Cycling one of the many trails at Campbell Valley Regional Park
Campbell Valley photo2 Valley photo2Rowlatt farmstead recalls days of farming
Campbell Valley photo3 Valley photo3Country Celebration, is an annual fall fair held at Campbell Valley Regional Park
CampbellValley-photo11 lupine - lupinus sericeus - is common in ditches and fields. This member of the pea family grows to about 1 m in height; considered to be poisonous if eaten or ingested.
CampbellValley-photo16 equestrian center at Campbell Downs is set amongst gently rolling fields. Even those without a horse can enjoy its pastoral setting. Always a great place for a picnic.
CampbellValley-photo22 Grape is commonly found throughout the region.
CampbellValley-photo30 tents for vendors at Country Celebration 2011
CampbellValley-photo8 Daisy - Bellis perennis
History and nature at Campbell Valley Regional Park and nature at Campbell Valley Regional Parkphoto by James Putnam
Vine Maple Trail Maple TrailMixed forest filters afternoon sunlight along the Vine Maple Trail in Campbell Valley Regional Park
Vine Maple Trail 1 Maple Trail 1Vine Maple Trail is easily accessible from the North Valley entrance and parking lot.



-122.66083323649.031186045928428431001 Vancouver Regional Parks East Area Office: 604-530-4983<div class="ExternalClassF261A656DB1D4296839F29D13416ED9D"> <ul><li><a href="/services/parks/reservable-facilities/facilities/camp-coyote-group-campsite">Camp Coyote group camp</a> (capacity 40 campers)</li><li><a href="/services/parks/reservable-facilities/facilities/old-orchard-picnic-shelter">Old Orchard picnic shelter</a> (seats 100)</li><li><a href="/services/parks/reservable-facilities/facilities/rowlatt-farmstead">Rowlatt Farmstead</a> (capacity 2000)</li><li><a href="/services/parks/reservable-facilities/facilities/little-river-bowl">Little River Bowl/Historic Langley Speedway</a> (capacity 2000)</li><li><a href="/services/parks/reservable-facilities/facilities/order-of-canada-grove">Order of Canada Grove</a> (capacity 100)</li><li><a href="/services/parks/reservable-facilities/facilities/equestrian-centre-riding-ring">Riding ring and other equestrian facilities</a></li></ul></div><div class="ExternalClassEA0C121C711F4D149876CBEC670743DC"> <div> The Nature House and Wildlife Garden, Old Orchard Group Picnic Area (washroom partially accessible) and Coyote Group Camp are partially accessible (low toilet seat). Picnic tables and toilets at the North Valley Entrance, South Valley Entrance are also accessible (some may have difficulty, however with the heavy door, or latch). Toilets at the Equestrian Centre are not accessible.</div> <div> </div> <div><strong>Trails</strong></div> <div><strong>Little River Loop Trail- </strong>is 2.2 km in length, and is a minimum 1.7 m wide. Most of the trail has a gentle grade (less than 5% slope) while 40 m of trail has 6-8% slope. The trail suface is a firm surface (packed crushed rock).</div> <div> </div> <div><strong>Perimeter Trail </strong>is<strong> 2.4 km</strong> in length, 2.4 m wide, with a maximum grade of 6-8% slope for 10 m. The rest of the trail has gentle slopes.<strong></strong></div> <div> </div></div><div class="ExternalClass4EA4A8D784F2423F99348717E4D743AF"> <div>Dogs must be under control at all times. There are on-leash and leash-optional areas in this regional park; the seasonal leash-optional area on 4th Ave is open October 1 to April 1. Check local signs for details. Please show courtesy to other park visitors by removing your dog’s poop.</div> <div class="ExternalClass4818EE61AB05483D94F9194DBFFF43F8"><a href="/services/parks/learn/bylaws-and-policies/dogs/Pages/default.aspx">More on dogs in Metro Vancouver regional parks ...</a></div></div><div class="ExternalClass9403992141F946FF807CCFD64219A8BB">Campbell Valley Regional Park contains the Shaggy Mane Trail, a dual-use trail open to pedestrians and equestrians. Pedestrians are expected to yield to equestrians when sharing the trail.</div><div class="ExternalClass9403992141F946FF807CCFD64219A8BB"> </div><div class="ExternalClass9403992141F946FF807CCFD64219A8BB">The Annand/Rowlatt Farmstead is a designated historical site with restored buildings dating back to 1898. </div><div class="ExternalClass9403992141F946FF807CCFD64219A8BB"> </div><div class="ExternalClass9403992141F946FF807CCFD64219A8BB">The Lochiel Schoolhouse was built in 1924 and operated as a one-room school until 1975.  It was moved to the park in 1988 to complement other heritage buildings on site.</div><div class="ExternalClass268ABD5720584AD68AE015F9072FBC28"><strong>Campbell Valley Park Association </strong>is actively involved in this regional park. For information or to get involved visit their <a href="" target="_blank">website</a> or contact the <a href="">Community Development Coordinator</a> at 604-530-4983.</div><div class="ExternalClass268ABD5720584AD68AE015F9072FBC28"> </div><div class="ExternalClass268ABD5720584AD68AE015F9072FBC28"><strong>The Pacific Parklands Foundation</strong> is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of Metro Vancouver’s regional parks.  For information or to make a donation, visit <a href=""></a></div><div class="ExternalClassA915BDDFFE114612A2FE5A5F2DDB1709"> <div> <div class="ExternalClass7BFFAD8ABA8D43EAA43EC54424933434"> <div>Prepare for your visit to a regional park before you leave home. ​<a href="/services/parks/learn/bylaws-and-policies/public-safety/Pages/default.aspx">more...</a></div></div></div></div><div class="ExternalClass4BB8614E699F476DA7BAAAB83C937530"> <div class="ExternalClass8D272EF6EEF64972AD6AFAB1075F5F67"> <p><a href="/events/school-programs/K-12-field-trips/regional-parks-field-trips/Pages/default.aspx">School Field Trips Information </a><br><a href="/services/parks/discover/programs/groups/Pages/default.aspx">Workshops & Community Group Field Trips Information</a></p></div></div><div class="ExternalClass3B88C23AC9234B2DBB96DE2D99334292"> <p><strong>Contact Us</strong> <br>The calendar fills quickly so please plan to register two months in advance of your preferred date. <a href="/events/school-programs/K-12-field-trips/regional-parks-field-trips/Pages/default.aspx">Book on-line</a> or call 604-432-6359 for more information. </p></div><div class="ExternalClass171A4FC4B5604078AC5D49F10AA4B012">Sunlight-dappled forests, grassland vistas and wetlands make this regional park great habitat for wildlife, from songbirds to salmon to squirrels and more. The network of trails provide a great way for walkers to explore the variety of landscapes, as well as the heritage features and Nature House. Horse riding is also popular here.</div><div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834">​<strong>May 31- Sep 5<br></strong>Opening: 7:00 am<br>Closing: 10:00 pm<div class="ExternalClassC7C7B6A702FA43BDB98F23F9AFBCE834"><br><strong>Sep 6 - Sep 26</strong><br>Opening: 7:00 am<br>Closing: 8:00 pm</div></div>



Campbell Valley Regional ParkCampbell Valley Regional Park-122.66083323649.031186045,,+-122.66083323600&sll=49.24515,,-122.935388&sspn=0.010562,,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=16,,+-122.66083323600&sll=49.24515,-122.935388&sspn=0.010562,0.027831&ie=UTF8&z=16<div class="ExternalClass6014B385D21C4A0D91499E4C65EAFFAF"> <div>Campbell Valley is in south Langley, between 200th and 216th Street and 4th and 20th Avenue. There are two good locations for a first-time visitor to begin: the North Valley entrance on 16th Avenue or the South Valley Entrance on 8th Avenue. If coming from Highway 1, take the 200th Street Avenue south exit and drive south to the lights at 16th Avenue. Turn left. The North Valley parking lot is on your right at the bottom of the hill.  Coming from Highway 99, take the 8th Avenue east exit. Cross 200th Street and watch for the South Valley Parking lot on your left.</div></div>



Campbell ValleyCampbell Valley<div class="ExternalClass2B7482ED0946499888AA82B96F2B4179"><ul><li>Campfires are permitted in designated areas with containment facilities (i.e. fire rings/pits), and only as local fire authorities allow</li><li>Briquette and propane barbeques and gas stoves are permitted in approved facilities under direct supervision – if you are using briquettes, PLEASE dispose of them carefully in provided receptacles</li><li>Report all forest fires to 911 and Parks staff<br><br>For more information call 604-432-6350</li></ul></div>2016-07-25T07:00:00ZMODERATE



Web Advisory<div class="ExternalClass293E668DB1F94211B24F442ED0C7A388"><p>​​Vehicle break-ins are occurring at parking lots in the park. Please do not leave valuables in your vehicle.</p> </div>True



Music at the Nature HouseMusic at the Nature House<div class="ExternalClass80A05825E2B84C2FB9AEA55648D101FB"><p>​Bring a blanket or chair, sit in the shade, and listen as the Western Fiddlers, a talented youth ensemble from the Langley Community Music School, fill the park and the trees with the sweet sounds of Celtic songs.</p></div>GP0|#6bc03fc5-00e6-4aad-916c-19a8fd2947c0;L0|#06bc03fc5-00e6-4aad-916c-19a8fd2947c0|Langley;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d34782016-07-30T20:00:00Z
Inhabitants of the Nature House PondInhabitants of the Nature House Pond<div class="ExternalClass4229658A5D8347C383BD99A6AB9FDB2B"><p>​Explore the wonderful world of damselflies, dragonflies, and other fascinating inhabitants of the Nature House Pond. Have you seen a dasher, a dauber, or water scorpion? What is a water flea? Join us for an exciting time! Led by noted naturalist Al Grass from the Langley Field Naturalists and formerly with BC Parks.</p></div>GP0|#6bc03fc5-00e6-4aad-916c-19a8fd2947c0;L0|#06bc03fc5-00e6-4aad-916c-19a8fd2947c0|Langley;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d34172016-08-01T20:00:00Z
Music at the Nature HouseMusic at the Nature House<div class="ExternalClass492FFF0A9CC34CE5BCC57D5D9523F3C7"><p>​Bring a blanket or chair and some snacks, sit in the shade, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon in a lush park setting as local singer/wongwriter Patricia Dunphy plays her original folk, country blues, and alternative compositions on her acoustic guitar.</p></div>GP0|#6bc03fc5-00e6-4aad-916c-19a8fd2947c0;L0|#06bc03fc5-00e6-4aad-916c-19a8fd2947c0|Langley;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d34792016-08-13T20:00:00Z
A World of ColourA World of Colour<div class="ExternalClass420355C490CC448C9E2572529FFD709B"><p>The park's plants and animals show a marvelous diversity of colours – but what do they all mean? Bring your camera! Led by noted naturalist Al Grass from the Langley Field Naturalists and formerly with BC Parks.</p></div>GP0|#6bc03fc5-00e6-4aad-916c-19a8fd2947c0;L0|#06bc03fc5-00e6-4aad-916c-19a8fd2947c0|Langley;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d34182016-09-05T20:00:00Z



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