Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway

This is the first link in the regional greenway network and is part of the Central Valley Greenway connecting Vancouver to New Westminster. When completed, it will extend 16 km from Burnaby Mountain to the Fraser River.

It follows the Burnaby Mountain Urban Trail; drainage corridors along Stoney Creek and the Brunette River, and streets in New Westminster to reach Sapperton Landing and, eventually, New Westminster Quay.

Some sections are sewer and storm water service routes - be prepared to encounter large trucks.

The section of trail through Brunette River Conservation Area is the most accessible, with a semi-firm trail surface (crushed, packed gravel). This section of greenway is at least 3 m wide, is 2 km long. The section of the Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway through Hume Park has a steep section which may be a barrier to some cyclists or wheelchair users. There is an accessible washroom located at the lower level of Hume Park near the playing fields.


Sapperton Landing to Pier Park Connection

Planning is underway for a pedestrian and cycling connection between New Westminster’s Pier Park and Sapperton Landing along the Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway. To find out more about the vision or upcoming events, visit Pier to Landing Connection.



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Site preparation for new Sapperton Pump Station UNDERWAY<div class="ExternalClass4365585C6F494CA39926887557389F3A"><p>Site preparation for the new Sapperton Pump Station at the foot of Cumberland Street in New Westminster is now underway. The first phase of this project includes soil remediation. Construction of the pump station will follow and is scheduled for completion in 2019. As there will be no public access to the site, cyclists and pedestrians should plan alternate routes between Sapperton Landing and Spruce Street. </p><p>Sapperton Landing will remain open and can be accessed from Cumberland Street. Park visitors should expect to encounter construction crews and equipment; and are reminded to follow posted safety signs and the directions of traffi­c control personnel.</p><p>The existing pump station has been in place since the 1970s. It needs to be replaced to address the age of the infrastructure and the growing population. The new pump station site will include a public washroom, plaza, parking, seating, viewing areas and an extension to the Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway. For information on the project, call 604-432-6200.</p></div>True