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Boundary Bay Regional ParkBoundary Bay Regional Park216274342



Tidal flats at Boundary Bay Regional Park flats at Boundary Bay Regional ParkWhen the tide is low at Boundary Bay Regional Park, you can walk almost a kilometre on the tidal flats to explore.
Great blue herons at Boundary Bay Regional Park blue herons at Boundary Bay Regional Park
Sand dune plants at Boundary Bay dune plants at Boundary Bay
Boundary Bay views Bay views
Misty morning sunrise morning sunriseAn honourable mention winner in the 2015 Metro Vancouver Regional Parks photo contest. Photo by Tina Doughty.
Boundary Bay beach explorer Bay beach explorer
Sunset at Boundary Bay at Boundary BayPhoto by Maureen Hannay
Boundary Bay Dyke Trail views Bay Dyke Trail views
Sand dollar and sea star dollar and sea starPhoto by Lovely Gumal-in
Park interpreter shares wonders of seashore life with park visitor interpreter shares wonders of seashore life with park visitor





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Reminder: recently formalized trails are pedestrian-only<div class="ExternalClassE79F03D0B196493BB414BF706FABF797"><div><a href="/services/parks/Documents/BOU12thAveTrail_advisory%20map_19Mar2021_HIRES.pdf">Trails </a>established to bypass construction of the replacement 12 Ave Pump Station have been recently formalized. These pedestrian-only trails connect the 12 Ave Dyke Trail to Boundary Bay Road.  Cycling is not permitted due to wildlife habitat sensitivities; cyclists please dismount or use 12th Ave Dyke Trail.<br></div></div>True
Seasonal, sporadic trail flooding<div class="ExternalClass92D6B3CDA8A641D18695C4297F021052"><div>Due to site conditions, some sections of Raptor Trail and 12th Ave Dyke Trail may be intermittently flooded over the next few months. Please follow posted safety signs.<br></div></div>True



City Nature Challenge Online Webinar Nature Challenge Online WebinarCity Nature Challenge Online Webinar<div class="ExternalClassF14201DD81CF44FF815DCE508CC3E57C"><p>In May, cities around the world will be competing to see who can make the most observations of nature. Be part of the fun and make a contribution as a citizen scientist! We’ll show you all you need to know. Take part in this online webinar. Then you’ll be ready to make observations, either on your own – or join us on one of the guided walks.</p><p>Learn about bioblitz-style competitions, the basics of using the iNaturalist app and how to participate in the City Nature Challenge in Metro Vancouver</p><p>To join the webinar, click this link 5-minutes before the start: <a href=""></a> You don’t need a Zoom account to participate.</p></div>GP0|#fe6df210-3407-4fb9-9875-ed9f7a8df78e;L0|#0fe6df210-3407-4fb9-9875-ed9f7a8df78e|Metro Vancouver;GTSet|#53279cbe-e6bf-4ccb-a100-a874de0381d317962021-04-23T01:30:00Z2021-04-23T02:30:00Z0



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