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Belcarra photo1 photo1White Pine Beach is a popular summer destination for area residents
Belcarra photo2 photo2Trails of Belcarra Regional Park draw hikers and recreationists from around the region
Belcarra photo3 photo3Belcarra wharf at sunset
Belcarra picnic shelters picnic sheltersLarge picnic shelters can be used by large groups of up to 75 people at a time. For information and reservations call 640-432-6359
Belcarra-photo10 offers splendid hiking with gently undulating terrain through western hemlock and red cedar forest
Belcarra-photo11 the Springboard Trail near Belcarra picnic area
Belcarra-photo12 Pine Beach is situated on Sasamat Lake, and offers excellent swimming and beach activities.
Belcarra-photo13 holes in the trunk of a western hemlock tree are caused by woodpeckers and sapsuckers looking for insects
Belcarra-photo6 Belcarra picnic shelter can be reserved for large groups
Electric Barbecue BarbecueElectric barbecues are available at the Belcarra picnic shelter





Belcarra Regional ParkBelcarra Regional Park-122.92308149.306101,,+-122.89353679600&sll=49.015018,,-122.468719&sspn=0.042445,,0.111322&ie=UTF8&z=15,,+-122.89353679600&sll=49.015018,-122.468719&sspn=0.042445,0.111322&ie=UTF8&z=15<div class="ExternalClass0FF9AC5E19474E6D92115AF298E949C4">From St. Johns Street (Port Moody) or Barnet Hwy (Coquitlam), go north on Knowles Rd to Ioco Rd. Turn left onto Ioco Rd, continue to 1st Ave and turn right. Follow 1st Ave as it becomes Bedwell Bay Rd to the White Pine Beach entrance.</div> <div class="ExternalClass0FF9AC5E19474E6D92115AF298E949C4"> </div> <div class="ExternalClass0FF9AC5E19474E6D92115AF298E949C4">To get to Belcarra Picnic Area, continue on Bedwell Bay Rd to the three-way stop. Turn left, travel uphill to Tum-tumay-whueton Drive and keep right. </div>,

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Belcarra South Planning Program



BelcarraBelcarra<div class="ExternalClass1625572D3F864A62990E026E14E180C1"><div><div class="ExternalClass27FA344C088A4F298D8379EE66270317"><span aria-hidden="true"></span><span aria-hidden="true"></span>Due to recent rainfall the fire danger rating is currently in LOW. Visitors are asked to obey posted signs and check back for regular updates as conditions and restrictions can change quickly.<span aria-hidden="true"></span></div><br></div></div>2017-09-21T07:00:00ZLOW



Bridge Replacement & Trail Repairs on Sasamat Lake Loop<div class="ExternalClassC4EC1103F61546C59DB5BC36DD398E5F"><p>​Work along the east side of the lake will start <strong>Oct 17 </strong>and take about two weeks. Sections of Sasamat Lake Loop between White Pine Beach and the Floatwalk will be affected. Visitors should expect delays and to encounter construction equipment and crews along the trail. A temporary trail will allow visitors to bypass the work area, but intermittent closures may be required. Please follow posted safety signs. For more information, call Metro Vancouver at 604-520-6442.</p></div>True
Picnic Shelter Water Tap OUT OF SERVICE<div class="ExternalClass2766074DC9B7477BB912CF376F8B4C9B"><div>Due to a broken water line, the tap located beside the Belcarra Picnic Area shelters will be out of service until further notice.</div> <div> </div> <div>Drinking water is available from the sinks inside the washroom building. Because filling large containers from the sinks is difficult, visitors needing a large water supply for their picnic or gathering may wish to bring their own. For more information call 604-520-6442.</div></div>True
Picnic Area Barbeques OUT OF SERVICE<div class="ExternalClass7C72884A5A3E476192631618CFE7EDCD"><p>​The electric barbeques at the Picnic Area shelters are currently out of service due to ongoing bear activity. </p></div>True
Site Restoration Begins<div class="ExternalClass50A744F5644D420BA8DE26CFAE8D421A"><p>​Work on park property adjacent to Midden Road is scheduled to start within a week. This work will include removal of hazardous trees, dumped waste and invasive species; and is expected to take about a month. Follow-up restoration work and planting of native species will be completed when site conditions are suitable.</p></div>True





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Pacific Parklands Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to the conservation and enhancement of Metro Vancouver’s regional parks.