Aldergrove Regional Park



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Afternoon sun at Blacktail picnic shelter sun at Blacktail picnic shelterBlacktail picnic shelter is a reservable shelter
Aldergrove Bowl is located in the eastern sector of the park Bowl is located in the eastern sector of the parkAldergrove Bowl and pond from scenic overlook
Aldergrove Lake photo2 Lake photo2Enjoy easy hiking along gentle trails through areas of mixed forest.
Aldergrove Lake protects vestiges of farming and agriculture in the Fraser Valley Lake protects vestiges of farming and agriculture in the Fraser ValleyWalking in meadow
Aldergrove photo1 photo1Aldergrove Bowl is a site which hosts organized events such as cycle-cross.
AldergroveLake-photo10 and staging area at dog leash-optional area
AldergroveLake-photo6 in Aldergrove Bowl
AldergroveLake-photo7 Leash Optional Area
AldergroveLake-photo8 Leash Optional Area
AldergroveLake-photo9 at Aldergrove Bowl





Aldergrove Regional ParkAldergrove Regional Park-122.45925649.013804,,+-122.46790695400&sll=49.255858,,-123.180847&sspn=0.337915,,0.890579&ie=UTF8&ll=49.015018,,-122.468719&spn=0.042445,,0.111322&z=14,,+-122.46790695400&sll=49.255858,-123.180847&sspn=0.337915,0.890579&ie=UTF8&ll=49.015018,-122.468719&spn=0.042445,0.111322&z=14<div class="ExternalClassC02EA0F05AF64D1F85A81A0487E25B1F">The southern boundary of this park is the Canada/USA border. Located five minutes from the Aldergrove border crossing, first-time visitors are advised to drive to the main park entrance on 8th Avenue just east of 272nd Street. Continue down the park entrance road until you cross Pepin Brook and turn right to find the main information kiosk beside the lake washroom building.</div>,

Park Improvements

Metro Vancouver is implementing a series of improvements to Aldergrove Regional Park as part of the 2013 Management Plan. For details see these information panels. Visit our information display at this summer’s events: Dog Days of Summer, July 8th and Meteor Shower Watch, August 12th, at Aldergrove Regional Park.

For more information contact:
Lydia Mynott
Regional Park Planner
Metro Vancouver



AldergroveAldergrove<div class="ExternalClass929B7AAD50F74C148775C3C5CA471FA8"><p>Continued dry weather has resulted in conditions that are tinder dry and extremely sensitive to sparks and fire.</p><div class="ExternalClass3271515159A34B6BB993DF06E941D1E1"><div>Visitors are asked to obey posted signs and fire danger guidelines:                                                                     <br>• Campfires and briquette barbeques/cooking stoves are prohibited everywhere<br>• Portable CSA or ULC approved campfire apparatus are permitted in supervised campgrounds only<br>• Propane or gas powered barbeques/cooking stoves are permitted in approved facilities under direct supervision only<br>• No smoking<br>• Stay on trails<br>• Be aware of all spark sources<br>• Report all forest fires to 911 and Parks staff</div><div> </div><div>For more information call 604-432-6350.<br><br><br></div><br><br></div><p> </p></div>2017-08-03T07:00:00ZEXTREME







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