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Waterline Upgrade at Picnic AreaWaterline Upgrade at Picnic Area<div class="ExternalClass32D6D706FE52493681169DC13CA16F5F"><p>Work on the waterline at the Belcarra Picnic Area will start the week of October 15 and take about a month. On occasion, use of the washroom buildings and availability of drinking water may be affected for short periods of time. Visitors should expect to encounter construction crews and equipment. Please follow posted safety signs. For more information, call 604-520-6442.</p></div>TrueGP0|#66885332-dab0-4a55-9d4d-17832f70a58a;L0|#066885332-dab0-4a55-9d4d-17832f70a58a|Belcarra Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
12th Ave Dyke Trail: temporary closure until fall 202012th Ave Dyke Trail: temporary closure until fall 2020<div class="ExternalClass0D8B8C7C1AE44A45956E47628CD65838"><p>To facilitate replacement of the pump station, the parking area and a section of the 12th Ave Dyke Trail are now temporarily closed. A <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/BOU-12thAveTrailclosure_advisory%20map_30Aug2019.jpg"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">pedestrian-only bypass route</span></a> is now in place so visitors can access Raptor Trail and the open sections of the 12th Ave Dyke Trail. Cyclists walk bikes. Please follow posted safety and closure signs. All other trails will remain open. For more park information, call 604-520-6442.  </p><p>Replacing the <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">12 Avenue Pump Station </span></a>is part of the Boundary Bay Road Stormwater Improvements Project to reduce flooding in agricultural areas of Delta. Pump station replacement is expected to be completed by fall 2020. For concerns about on-going pump station construction, call the City of Delta at 604-946-3264.</p></div>TrueGP0|#abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd;L0|#0abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd|Boundary Bay Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Mud Bay washrooms closed until Jan. 2020Mud Bay washrooms closed until Jan. 2020<div class="ExternalClassA51B7358D5B04888A2FE735408CA2ED2"><p>​Washrooms at Mud Bay will be closed for about two months to repair the holding tanks under the building. A portable toilet will be available. Sorry for any inconvenience. </p></div>TrueGP0|#abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd;L0|#0abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd|Boundary Bay Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail work along Dyke Trail starts Nov. 20Trail work along Dyke Trail starts Nov. 20<div class="ExternalClassA909A7F277634D038A2EFC71706186C3"><p>Over the next few weeks, improvements will be made to the section between the Concession Building and the viewing tower. Visitors should expect to encounter construction equipment and crews. Please follow safety signs and instructions from crew.</p></div>TrueGP0|#abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd;L0|#0abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd|Boundary Bay Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
New Sapperton Pump Station UNDERWAYNew Sapperton Pump Station UNDERWAY<div class="ExternalClass4365585C6F494CA39926887557389F3A"><p>Work on the new Sapperton Pump Station at the foot of Cumberland Street in New Westminster is underway with completion anticiplated for late 2019. There is no public access to the site, but cyclists and pedestrians can use the new section of trail between Sapperton Landing and Spruce Street. </p><p>Sapperton Landing will remain open and can be accessed from Cumberland Street. Park visitors should expect to encounter construction crews and equipment; and are reminded to follow posted safety signs and the directions of traffi­c control personnel.</p><p>The old pump station was in place since the 1970s. Replacement was needed to address the age of the infrastructure and the growing population. The new pump station site will include a public washroom, plaza, parking, seating, viewing areas and an extension to the Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway. For information on the project, call 604-432-6200.</p></div>TrueGP0|#476d69ef-8727-441b-a5fc-19488e320266;L0|#0476d69ef-8727-441b-a5fc-19488e320266|Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
North Road Sewer UpgradeNorth Road Sewer Upgrade<div class="ExternalClass285743E02A24438D8A842E2946ADC5C5"><p>​Construction is underway near the trail access at North Road. The greenway remains open but visitors should expect to encounter construction crews, equipment, noise and dust. Please follow posted safety signs. The <a href="/services/liquid-waste/construction-maintenance/north-road-sewer">North Road Sewer Upgrade </a>will be completed by summer 2020. </p></div>TrueGP0|#476d69ef-8727-441b-a5fc-19488e320266;L0|#0476d69ef-8727-441b-a5fc-19488e320266|Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Construction activity near Cleveland DamConstruction activity near Cleveland Dam<div class="ExternalClass0BA2A050934B47DABAFA54DF436BBC21"> <div>Construction activity is taking place at the west end of Cleveland Dam. Please comply with signs and requests from work crews.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#4d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18;L0|#04d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18|Capilano River Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Work on Capilano Pacific Trail near Keith RoadWork on Capilano Pacific Trail near Keith Road<div class="ExternalClass3F966F3718B647DB94F45C24C05BCEF3"><p>​Improvements are being made to a section of the Capilano Pacific Trail between Keith Road and Capilano River in West Vancouver from mid-November to mid-December. There may be temporary closures of 5 to 10 minutes, but otherwise access will be maintained while work is underway.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#4d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18;L0|#04d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18|Capilano River Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Sheep Paddocks Trail Construction PHASE 3 UNDERWAYSheep Paddocks Trail Construction PHASE 3 UNDERWAY<div class="ExternalClass2E010569EFBD4B4F8883369D0AE702A8">This final phase of work will begin the week of July 02 and be completed by early 2020. Construction crews and equipment will access the northern portion of the park near Pitt River Road. Outside the park, some short traffic delays may occur along Pitt River Road. Inside the park, the construction area which includes the trail will remain closed to the public. Please follow posted closure and safety signs.<br><a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/COLsheepPaddocks_Sept2018_update.pdf">Trail alignment and route </a></div>TrueGP0|#1a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d;L0|#01a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d|Colony Farm Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Temporary Trail ClosureTemporary Trail Closure<div class="ExternalClass6DB31CAA9E2F4E01A6F0270A2EC8CA18"><p>​To complete some archaeological work, a <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/COLTemporaryTrailClosure_Nov2019.jpg" target="_blank">section of trail</a> on the western side of the park will be temporarily closed. Work will start the week of Nov 04 and take about a month. Please plan other routes and follow posted safety signs.</p></div>TrueGP0|#1a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d;L0|#01a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d|Colony Farm Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Inverholme Schoolhouse closed for repairsInverholme Schoolhouse closed for repairs<div class="ExternalClassA4EAEF0FF5274768861783A8AB5B96EF"><p>​Due to damage during winter storms, Inverholme Schoolhouse will remain closed until further notice. Plans for repairs are underway.</p></div>TrueGP0|#c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8;L0|#0c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8|Deas Island Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
​Slough View Picnic Area Improvements: UPDATE NOV 04​Slough View Picnic Area Improvements: UPDATE NOV 04<div class="ExternalClass3F51BD0E514640C1BDEBB14198F34744"><p>Construction work is complete but a portion of the picnic area remains closed to protect newly seeded grass. Some picnic tables are available. Please respect temporary fencing.</p></div>TrueGP0|#c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8;L0|#0c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8|Deas Island Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Sporadic trail floodingSporadic trail flooding<div class="ExternalClassE7D5DB3F014A4679931CE69BC32CE638"><p>Due to site conditions, sections of the trail between 64th Ave and Highway 10 (at the pedestrian overpass) may be intermittently flooded over the next few months. Please follow posted safety signs.</p></div>TrueGP0|#f11a1c79-f81f-4236-beb0-f449c570611d;L0|#0f11a1c79-f81f-4236-beb0-f449c570611d|Delta-South Surrey Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Grouse Grind Trail Safety Upgrade & Trail Closure Nov. 18 - 22Grouse Grind Trail Safety Upgrade & Trail Closure Nov. 18 - 22<div class="ExternalClass3C614928D11047F69801CAFB672A8D64"><p>​The Grouse Grind Trail will close for a safety upgrade from Mon, Nov. 18 to Fri. Nov. 22. A section of the trail about 3/4 of the way up needs to be repaired and steps replaced.</p><p>The work is being done now as the area is usually under snow when usual maintenance is done in the spring. The good news is that this work will mean a shorter spring maintenance closure period.</p><p>Our apologies for the short-term closure, but the trail will reopen in time for the Nov. 23/24 weekend.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#7268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba;L0|#07268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba|Grouse Mountain Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Improving forest diversity in Grouse Mountain Regional ParkImproving forest diversity in Grouse Mountain Regional Park<div class="ExternalClassE005A45CBB7F411DA872999A2A68A3AA"><p>​This fall, crews will be doing work in three small areas of Grouse Mountain Regional Park aimed at enhancing biodiversity and forest structure. Some trees will be felled to create a gap in the canopy to allow more light in for understory plants to grow. Other trees will be modified to create standing wildlife trees for nesting and foraging. For more information, contact the West Area Office at 604-224-5739<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#7268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba;L0|#07268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba|Grouse Mountain Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Lower Grouse Erosion Management ProjectLower Grouse Erosion Management Project<div class="ExternalClass7E1CCA29F56049C6AB4ACDBBD3CEB191"><p>Work related to a project to reduce debris flow hazard on the lower slopes of Grouse Mountain continues. Trail access will not be affected, but you may notice noise below the Baden-Powell Trail. For more info on the Water Services project, please click <a href="/services/water/construction-maintenance/construction-projects/Pages/Lower-Grouse-Mountain-Erosion-Management-Project.aspx" target="_blank">here.</a><br></p></div>TrueGP0|#7268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba;L0|#07268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba|Grouse Mountain Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Washrooms closedWashrooms closed<div class="ExternalClassAAA131619CF04237A6D341E7686968CB"><p>​Washrooms are temporarily closed. Please use the portable toilets in place for now. Apologies for the inconvenience.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#d1817de1-cde9-47bc-b9e6-a877a55a916f;L0|#0d1817de1-cde9-47bc-b9e6-a877a55a916f|Iona Beach Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Dog Mountain UpgradesDog Mountain Upgrades<div class="ExternalClassD22EF119BB984740B7F9794C349ECECB"><p>​Dog Mountain trail upgrades have started. The trail will remain open during the project. Please expect crews and machines to be on the trail during this time.</p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Fishing Banned between Seymour Dam and Seymour EstuaryFishing Banned between Seymour Dam and Seymour Estuary<div class="ExternalClassC19DFD71A9FD4B638297A523E2E102BC"><p><a href="">​more information from Fisheries and Oceans Canada</a></p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Seymour Valley Trailway SafetySeymour Valley Trailway Safety<div class="ExternalClass3C7540150CFF4C22B91CABDF71FCFA93"><p>​No motorized vehicles on the trailway. Go slow and respect all users.</p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Backcountry closure in effectBackcountry closure in effect<div class="ExternalClassFD8F2C5F91FF493CBD0F4D0ABB7AAAF5"><p>​All backcountry routes are  now closed for the season. This applies to routes in the Grouse subalpine north of Dam Mountain and Thunderbird Ridge (e.g. Crown Mountain, Goat Mountain,Little Goat & Goat Ridge) as well as to routes beyond Norvan Falls (Hanes Valley, Coliseum Mountain and Lynn Lake).<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Bears at Lynn Headwaters Regional ParkBears at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park<div class="ExternalClassEA032D4F10FB4C06A25FD3011CED8317"><div><p>Be bear aware at <span style="text-decoration:underline;">all </span>times.<br>It's best to hike with a friend (or two) and make some noise as you go (e.g. talking, singing) to let wildlife know that you're in the area.<br><br>Pack out all your garbage (including organic waste such as apple cores and banana peels).<br><br>Give wildlife respect and space. Do not attempt to get close to a bear or feed a bear.</p><p>If you do encounter a bear:<br></p><ul><li>Do not run. <br> <em>Face the bear and back away slowly.</em></li><li>Stay calm. <br> <em>Talk to the bear in a confident voice.</em></li><li>Make sure the bear has a clear exit.<span class="Apple-converted-space"> <br><em>He or she is likely just as anxious to get out of there as you are.</em></span></li></ul><p> <em>For more information about bears and bear safety, click <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/Bears_in_Metrovancouver.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.</em></p></div></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Stair construction underwayStair construction underway<div class="ExternalClass5946907588ED45C788D603368C48D957"><p>Stair construction is in progress at the north end of Lynn Loop near the bottom of the switchbacks through Nov 2019.  Pedestrian access will be maintained on short bypass section.  Use caution in the area and comply with all signs.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail Conditions Trail Conditions <div class="ExternalClassE781DB05C41D42F7B9B11509E7E9F653"><p>18 Nov 2019 - Sunset is at 4:30 PM</p><p>Visitors to the higher elevation areas of the park should be trained and equipped for mountain travel and be prepared for changing weather conditions including snow and ice.   During and after heavy rain, creek levels may rise quickly and crossings may become impassible.  Stay well back from the edge of fast flowing water.     </p> </div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
AdvisoryAdvisory<div class="ExternalClassEFEB76BCD7354966A703AC0C2C764BEE"><p><strong>Caution - Expect muddy, uneven surfaces and vehicles on the dyke trail</strong></p><p>Industrial trucks hauling soil over the dyke trail to fill private riverfront have caused muddy uneven surfaces on dyke.</p><p>Use extra care and keep back from vehicles, equipment and crews.</p><p><a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/PittRiverAdvisory-January2018.jpg" target="_blank">Route affected</a> - 700 meter section of dyke, from the airport to 176 St (<em>red line on map</em>)</p></div>TrueGP0|#50642258-a371-4068-a85a-a8ba38cd57c8;L0|#050642258-a371-4068-a85a-a8ba38cd57c8|Pitt River Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Site restoration underwaySite restoration underway<div class="ExternalClassA7A5277BFFD843A781459BACF2F1EFBD"><p>​Sites where buildings have been removed are currently undergoing restoration. Please follow all posted signs. For more information, call 604-520-6442.</p></div>TrueGP0|#32743f30-7888-4ca9-bf58-55ca003b91dd;L0|#032743f30-7888-4ca9-bf58-55ca003b91dd|Thwaytes Landing Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
162A St Access Trail Temporarily Closed162A St Access Trail Temporarily Closed<div class="ExternalClass4D0B54D0DAA84702BAFA40AA0AC3FB0A"><p>Trail construction and sewer connection work is underway along the park’s perimeter. During construction, 162A St Access Trail will be closed. Visitors should note that there will be no access to the park from either 161A Street or 162A Street. Please follow posted safety signs and plan alternate routes. For more information, call 604-530-4983.</p></div>TrueGP0|#d93a105c-0cc8-4d1e-bd4d-84f48b79d837;L0|#0d93a105c-0cc8-4d1e-bd4d-84f48b79d837|Tynehead Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a

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