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Intermittent Trail ClosuresIntermittent Trail Closures<div class="ExternalClassC45E756F133E4AC6818C3D8678D1AC30"><div><p>Trails near <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/BEL-Hydro_work_07Aug2020_MAP.pdf" target="_blank">Sasamat Lake and Buntzen Ridge</a> may be intermittently closed to facilitate BC Hydro’s work to upgrade nearby power lines. Trail closures are unpredictable and will happen as needed Mon – Sat, 7 am – 6pm.  Visitors should be prepared for delays and noise, and expect to encounter construction crews and equipment. Please follow posted safety signs and plan alternate routes. Work on the Copper Conductor Replacement Project is currently underway and expected to continue until early 2021. For more information, call 604-715-4407.<br></p></div></div>TrueGP0|#66885332-dab0-4a55-9d4d-17832f70a58a;L0|#066885332-dab0-4a55-9d4d-17832f70a58a|Belcarra Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
12th Ave Dyke Trail: temporary closure until fall 202012th Ave Dyke Trail: temporary closure until fall 2020<div class="ExternalClass0D8B8C7C1AE44A45956E47628CD65838"><p>To facilitate replacement of the pump station, the parking area and a section of the 12th Ave Dyke Trail are now temporarily closed. A <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/BOU-12thAveTrailclosure_advisory%20map_30Aug2019.jpg"><span style="text-decoration:underline;">bypass route</span></a> is now in place so visitors can access Raptor Trail and the open sections of the 12th Ave Dyke Trail. Please follow posted safety and closure signs. All other trails will remain open. For more park information, call 604-520-6442.  </p><p>Replacing the <a href=""><span style="text-decoration:underline;">12 Avenue Pump Station </span></a>is part of the Boundary Bay Road Stormwater Improvements Project to reduce flooding in agricultural areas of Delta. Pump station replacement is expected to be completed by fall 2020. For concerns about on-going pump station construction, call the City of Delta at 604-946-3264.</p></div>TrueGP0|#abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd;L0|#0abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd|Boundary Bay Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Seasonal, sporadic trail floodingSeasonal, sporadic trail flooding<div class="ExternalClass92D6B3CDA8A641D18695C4297F021052"><div>Due to site conditions, some sections of Raptor Trail and 12th Ave Dyke Trail may be intermittently flooded over the next few months. Please follow posted safety signs.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd;L0|#0abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd|Boundary Bay Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Parking Lot Closure, Monday, January 25 to Friday, February 5Parking Lot Closure, Monday, January 25 to Friday, February 5<div class="ExternalClass95D4BCA831824CC3950FE7D9F5536B0C"><p>​The only parking lot at Brae Island Regional Park will be closed for paving, January 25 to February 5<sup>th</sup>. There will be a limited amount of parking on Glover Road and more parking in Fort Langley (approximately 0.5 km walk).</p></div>TrueGP0|#f8120f09-0745-4e16-a526-0ea1d041ceea;L0|#0f8120f09-0745-4e16-a526-0ea1d041ceea|Brae Island Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
New Sapperton Pump Station UNDERWAYNew Sapperton Pump Station UNDERWAY<div class="ExternalClass4365585C6F494CA39926887557389F3A"><p>Work on the new Sapperton Pump Station at the foot of Cumberland Street in New Westminster is underway with completion anticiplated for late 2019. There is no public access to the site, but cyclists and pedestrians can use the new section of trail between Sapperton Landing and Spruce Street. </p><p>Sapperton Landing will remain open and can be accessed from Cumberland Street. Park visitors should expect to encounter construction crews and equipment; and are reminded to follow posted safety signs and the directions of traffi­c control personnel.</p><p>The old pump station was in place since the 1970s. Replacement was needed to address the age of the infrastructure and the growing population. The new pump station site will include a public washroom, plaza, parking, seating, viewing areas and an extension to the Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway. For information on the project, call 604-432-6200.</p></div>TrueGP0|#476d69ef-8727-441b-a5fc-19488e320266;L0|#0476d69ef-8727-441b-a5fc-19488e320266|Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Burnaby Lake Nature House CLOSEDBurnaby Lake Nature House CLOSED<div class="ExternalClass9F3B94511D89407382DE88EAC67DACD8"><p>Due to COVID-19 public health safety concerns, the ​​Burnaby Lake Nature House is now closed.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410;L0|#0cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410|Burnaby Lake Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
CN Track Work Taking Place near the Park - UPDATE SEPT 2020CN Track Work Taking Place near the Park - UPDATE SEPT 2020<div class="ExternalClass5101217AB0CF4652AD95B6F1E514A297"><p>​CN will be constructing a section of new track (beside existing tracks) between Piper Ave and Willingdon Ave. This work is outside the park but may be noticeable from park trails and at the Piper Ave Entrance. Over the next two months, a new bridge will be installed at Piper Ave. Access to the park will be maintained but visitors should expect to encounter large construction equipment and increased noise (eg. pile driving). Please follow posted safety signs and instructions from flagging crew. For information about this work, contact CN at <a href=""></a> or call 1-888-888-5909.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410;L0|#0cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410|Burnaby Lake Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Equestrian Trail Bridge ClosedEquestrian Trail Bridge Closed<div class="ExternalClassE142B1F61C604682901BD613082EC8BA"><div>Due to maintenance requirements, the <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/BUR-BuenaVistaCkBridgeMap.pdf" target="_blank">bridge at Buena Vista Creek</a> has been closed until further notice. Plans are underway to determine if the bridge will be repaired or replaced. Please plan alternate routes and follow posted safety signs.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410;L0|#0cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410|Burnaby Lake Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Closure of Trail Section on East Side of Little River Loop TrailClosure of Trail Section on East Side of Little River Loop Trail<div class="ExternalClass5F99DF70DE094B38A18E205E82EF0754">The section of trail, <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/CampbellValley-TrailClosure.png" target="_blank">marked on the map</a>, is closed due to a large fallen tree and damaged walkway. You must turn around when you reach this closure, because the area is impassible and unstable. Please do not go off-trail to get around this closure, because you may further destabilize the ground and tree roots. There are many other loop trails to explore in the park until this trail section is repaired and reopened. <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/CampbellValley-TrailClosure.png" target="_blank">See map showing location of trail closure</a>.</div>TrueGP0|#17b6417b-d6d4-4089-9492-5630d2afaa77;L0|#017b6417b-d6d4-4089-9492-5630d2afaa77|Campbell Valley Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Cable Pool Bridge CLOSED until further notice Cable Pool Bridge CLOSED until further notice <div class="ExternalClass5D3C36B9B7664EADB7C21AD46A81F9E0">The bridge suffered significant damage from a falling tree during a recent windstorm. For safety reasons, it is CLOSED until further notice while a structural assessment and repairs can be made. Please use Pipeline Bridge to cross the river for now. <br></div>TrueGP0|#4d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18;L0|#04d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18|Capilano River Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Capilano Salmon Hatchery CLOSEDCapilano Salmon Hatchery CLOSED<div class="ExternalClass28313B0251A84735A97E63AB4D8F5CD3"><p>​Due to COVID-19 public health safety concerns, the Capilano Salmon Hatchery is closed.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#4d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18;L0|#04d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18|Capilano River Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Portion of Capilano Pacific Trail CLOSED due to slidePortion of Capilano Pacific Trail CLOSED due to slide<div class="ExternalClassFA9EA39AC9E94380999BCBB671EF6A3F"><p>​Due to a landslide that occurred on Jan. 6, 2021, a portion of Capilano Pacific Trail between Keith Road and Moyne Drive will be CLOSED indefinitely for major repairs.  The trail is impassable and the area extremely hazardous. Click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to see a detour map. As this section of the trail lies within District of West Vancouver's jurisdiction, please go <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> for more info.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#4d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18;L0|#04d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18|Capilano River Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail conditionsTrail conditions<div class="ExternalClass73F251EEAF704B178465A8C3F0F93BAA"><p><span>25 Jan 2021</span><br><span>Sunset is at 5 pm</span><br><span>Be sure to leave enough time to finish your walk/hike/ride before dark, and remember, in the forest, it gets dark earlier than sunset.</span><br></p></div>TrueGP0|#4d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18;L0|#04d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18|Capilano River Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
​Home Farm Dyke Trail partial closure​Home Farm Dyke Trail partial closure<div class="ExternalClassBD223BFCE31A4E9D9868A52B6899C65F"><div>A <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/COLHomeFarmTrail-partialclosure_map_02Apr2020.pdf" target="_blank">section of the Home Farm Dyke Trail </a>between the park’s main entrance and the Millennium Bridge is closed. Pedestrians can bypass this section using the pedestrian-only Garden Trail.  Cycling is not permitted on pedestrian-only trails; cyclists should plan alternate routes.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#1a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d;L0|#01a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d|Colony Farm Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail conditionsTrail conditions<div class="ExternalClassB6918AE8300E40BCBE92F76C6A42C27F"><p><span>25 Jan 2021</span><br><span>Sunset is at 5 pm</span><br><span>Be sure to leave enough time to finish your walk/hike/ride before dark, and remember, in the forest, it gets dark earlier than sunset.</span><br></p></div>TrueGP0|#af602a5e-9d78-495a-946d-f24786f469e4;L0|#0af602a5e-9d78-495a-946d-f24786f469e4|Crippen Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Inverholme Schoolhouse closed for repairsInverholme Schoolhouse closed for repairs<div class="ExternalClassA4EAEF0FF5274768861783A8AB5B96EF"><p>​Due to damage during winter storms, Inverholme Schoolhouse will remain closed until further notice. Plans for repairs are underway.</p></div>TrueGP0|#c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8;L0|#0c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8|Deas Island Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Inner Loop closure mid-Dec to Mar 2021Inner Loop closure mid-Dec to Mar 2021<div class="ExternalClassA5CC2283A3604A49BB8DA5B523B7C22D"><div>To repair and remove sections of the boardwalk, the <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/DNRInnerLoop_boardwalkclosuremap_Dec2020.pdf" target="_blank">northern portion of the Inner Loop</a> will be closed. The work will begin mid-December and is expected to take about three months. The Outer Loop and the southern portion of the Inner Loop will remain open. However, these sections will also undergo repairs and improvements to anti-slip materials so visitors can expect to encounter work crews. Please follow posted safety signs.</div><div><br></div><div>Upon completion of the work, there will be public access to the sunken tractor. Options for rerouting or reinstating the removed section of boardwalk will be explored in the upcoming planning process. For more information, call 604-520-6442.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#85d01732-b3e0-42cf-8cf0-b67847a489c7;L0|#085d01732-b3e0-42cf-8cf0-b67847a489c7|Delta Nature Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Sporadic flooding of nearby trailsSporadic flooding of nearby trails<div class="ExternalClassB7636837966E4B7FA0ECBD1E1F798E21"><p>​​Due to site conditions, some nearby trails used for accessing the Delta Nature Reserve may be intermittently and unpredictably flooded over the next few months. Please make alternate plans and follow posted safety signs.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#85d01732-b3e0-42cf-8cf0-b67847a489c7;L0|#085d01732-b3e0-42cf-8cf0-b67847a489c7|Delta Nature Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Seasonal, sporadic trail floodingSeasonal, sporadic trail flooding<div class="ExternalClass4E1D74C41C0749CC93A37DE803D7A145"><p>​Due to site conditions, some sections of the trail may be intermittently and unpredictably flooded over the next few months. Please follow posted safety signs.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#f11a1c79-f81f-4236-beb0-f449c570611d;L0|#0f11a1c79-f81f-4236-beb0-f449c570611d|Delta-South Surrey Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
BCMC Route conditionsBCMC Route conditions<div class="ExternalClass3C614928D11047F69801CAFB672A8D64"><p>Snow and ice is present on the upper portion of the trail. Carry microspikes. Wear good footwear and seasonally appropriate clothing. Carry water and a snack. And be sure to leave enough time to finish your hike before the sun sets.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#7268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba;L0|#07268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba|Grouse Mountain Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Grouse Grind Trail CLOSED effective Sat. Dec. 12Grouse Grind Trail CLOSED effective Sat. Dec. 12<div class="ExternalClass4BD07EA5C1E34971BB6081182CAE2854"><p>Due to snow and icy conditions, the Grouse Grind Trail is CLOSED effective Sat. Dec. 12.<br>For your safety, that of park staff and of first responders, please respect the closure.<br>Parks staff will assess trail condtions daily and advise when the trail is safe to reopen.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#7268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba;L0|#07268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba|Grouse Mountain Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Reservation required for Skyride downloadReservation required for Skyride download<div class="ExternalClass02F34E2ED2B14289B5AE2C7B6B1F88C8"><p>​If you hike the BCMC Route and are intending to take the Skyride to return to the trailhead, it's important to know that Grouse Mountain Resort requires you to reserve a time in advance. Go to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> for more info. Face masks are required.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#7268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba;L0|#07268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba|Grouse Mountain Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail conditionsTrail conditions<div class="ExternalClass201736AEF10943E2ADFEC29ABCDC6212"><p><span>25 Jan 2021</span><br><span>Sunset is at 5 pm</span><br><span>Be sure to leave enough time to finish your walk/hike/ride before dark.</span><br></p></div>TrueGP0|#d1817de1-cde9-47bc-b9e6-a877a55a916f;L0|#0d1817de1-cde9-47bc-b9e6-a877a55a916f|Iona Beach Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Be bear awareBe bear aware<div class="ExternalClass0F158AC1D235461297CEFE26DB10756B"><p>​Be bear aware at <span style="text-decoration-line:underline;">all </span>times.<br>Hike with friends.<br>Make noise as you go (sing, talk, whistle)<br>Pack out all garbage, including organic waste such as apple cores, banana peels, etc.<br>Never approach a bear or try to feed it.<br></p><p class="ExternalClassEA032D4F10FB4C06A25FD3011CED8317">If you do encounter a bear:</p><div class="ExternalClassEA032D4F10FB4C06A25FD3011CED8317"><ul><li>Do not run.</li><li>Face the bear and back away slowly.</li></ul></div><p>If the bear approaches you,</p><ul><li>Stay calm.</li><li>Do not run.</li><li>Make sure the bear has a clear exit.<span class="Apple-converted-space"> </span></li><li> <span class="Apple-converted-space">Speak in a loud but calm voice</span></li></ul><p> <em>For more information about bears and bear safety, click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.</em></p><p> <br> </p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Fishing Banned between Seymour Dam and Seymour EstuaryFishing Banned between Seymour Dam and Seymour Estuary<div class="ExternalClassC19DFD71A9FD4B638297A523E2E102BC"><p><a href="">​more information from Fisheries and Oceans Canada</a></p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Seasonal Inclement WeatherSeasonal Inclement Weather<div class="ExternalClassA4C06C45A5FA4472A9E277DF2E22C36D"><p>Travelling in the LSCR can be hazardous due to conditions including: debris torrents, floods, high flows, road washouts, and falling trees and limbs from high winds or snow/ice damage. Please respect closure signage during these events.</p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Seymour River Rock SlideSeymour River Rock Slide<div class="ExternalClassE8A1E0FDC76C4A91B2CA105B62C84208"><p>​Rock breaking will commence in the Seymour River for 2020. For project questions please contact the <a href="">Seymour Salmonid Society</a>.</p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Seymour Valley Trailway SafetySeymour Valley Trailway Safety<div class="ExternalClass3C7540150CFF4C22B91CABDF71FCFA93"><p>​No motorized vehicles on the trailway. Go slow and respect all users.</p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Backcountry routes CLOSEDBackcountry routes CLOSED<div class="ExternalClassFD8F2C5F91FF493CBD0F4D0ABB7AAAF5"><p>Effective Monday, Oct. 26, the backcountry at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park is CLOSED. This applies to routes beyond Norvan Falls (Hanes Valley, Coliseum Mountain and Lynn Lake) as well as routes in the Grouse subalpine north of Dam Mountain and Thunderbird Ridge (e.g. Crown Mountain, Goat Mountain,Little Goat & Goat Ridge).<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Drinking fountain shut downDrinking fountain shut down<div class="ExternalClass8040E8CC6332419D951542CAC688F7FD"><div>The drinking fountain and tap in the picnic area has been shut down for COVID19 safety.     </div></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
High avalanche danger: Munday Snowshow areaHigh avalanche danger: Munday Snowshow area<div class="ExternalClass542B300BD234450BB68FDE0B8D12F9D5"><p>A danger rating of HIGH has been issued by Avalanche Canada for the South Coast mountains in alpine and treeline areas. This applies to the portions of Lynn Headwaters Regional Park operated under agreement for snowshoeing, including: Dam Mountain and Thunderbird Ridge.<br>For more details and the latest conditions, go to the Avalanche Canada <a href="" target="_blank">website.</a><br></p></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Hiker registrationHiker registration<div class="ExternalClass30BC805AA60948C1A02EDCDF26BB5DAF"><p>​It's important to let someone know where you're going hiking and let them know: your destination, your route and your return time.<br>How you do it is up to you (phone call, email, text, DM or use the Adventure Smart trip planning app at <a href=""></a> )<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Temporary road closuresTemporary road closures<div class="ExternalClass924BD988EECE4D13AC4B967EDC72FC63"><p>​Due to work being done along the entrance road into the park, there may be short closures of up to 15 minutes while crews conduct essential work along the road. Apologies for the inconvenience.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail conditionsTrail conditions<div class="ExternalClass023759F78BB54EBDA43E68D49C10B692"><p>25 Jan 2021<br>Sunset is at 5 pm<br><span>Be sure to leave enough time to finish your walk/hike before dark, and remember, in the forest, it gets dark earlier than sunset.</span><br>Lynn Peak and other higher elevation trails in the Grouse area have snow and ice. Park visitors accessing higher elevation areas should be trained and equipped for winter conditions and navigation.</p></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Portion of Foreshore Trail impassable due to slidePortion of Foreshore Trail impassable due to slide<div class="ExternalClassC9D0A9917BA741268827C524823E00E0"><p>Due to debris from a recent slide, Foreshore Trail between Trail 4 and Trail 6 is only passable during low tide. Use caution when in the area. Tide information is available <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#670e3741-2119-4381-8827-5ecf8b651c71;L0|#0670e3741-2119-4381-8827-5ecf8b651c71|Pacific Spirit Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail conditionsTrail conditions<div class="ExternalClassD3741B5369FF40FDB01DBADACC3C02A3"><p>25 Jan 2021<br>Sunset is at 5 pm<br>Be sure to leave enough time to finish your walk/hike/ride before dark, and remember, in the forest, it gets dark earlier than sunset.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#670e3741-2119-4381-8827-5ecf8b651c71;L0|#0670e3741-2119-4381-8827-5ecf8b651c71|Pacific Spirit Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
AdvisoryAdvisory<div class="ExternalClassEFEB76BCD7354966A703AC0C2C764BEE"><p><strong>Caution - Expect muddy, uneven surfaces and vehicles on the dyke trail<br></strong>Industrial trucks hauling soil over the dyke trail to fill private riverfront have caused muddy uneven surfaces on dyke.<br>Use extra care and keep back from vehicles, equipment and crews.<br><a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/PittRiverAdvisory-January2018.jpg" target="_blank">Route affected</a> - 700 meter section of dyke, from the airport to 176 St (<em>red line on map</em>)</p></div>TrueGP0|#50642258-a371-4068-a85a-a8ba38cd57c8;L0|#050642258-a371-4068-a85a-a8ba38cd57c8|Pitt River Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Site restoration underwaySite restoration underway<div class="ExternalClassA7A5277BFFD843A781459BACF2F1EFBD"><p>​Sites where buildings have been removed are currently undergoing restoration. Please follow all posted signs. For more information, call 604-520-6442.</p></div>TrueGP0|#32743f30-7888-4ca9-bf58-55ca003b91dd;L0|#032743f30-7888-4ca9-bf58-55ca003b91dd|Thwaytes Landing Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Expect Equipment, Crews & Fencing On and Near Tynehead Perimeter TrailExpect Equipment, Crews & Fencing On and Near Tynehead Perimeter Trail<div class="ExternalClass04EDAC332555425AB8A177C9CB5C0A13"><p>Expect equipment, crews and fencing on and near Tynehead Perimeter Trail. Crews are setting up for work on a water main and sanitary sewer line along a City of Surrey statutory right-of-way that runs through Tynehead Regional Park. While most of the trail is currently open, that section of trail marked on the map will close during construction, starting in February. <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/20210114-TyneheadAdvisoryMap.jpg" target="_blank">See map for location</a>.</p><p>Please keep safely away from work area and equipment and obey posted signs. </p><p>For more information on the project, please contact: City of Surrey 604-591-4147 regarding file no. 7818-0122-00. </p></div>TrueGP0|#d93a105c-0cc8-4d1e-bd4d-84f48b79d837;L0|#0d93a105c-0cc8-4d1e-bd4d-84f48b79d837|Tynehead Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail ClosuresTrail Closures<div class="ExternalClass59D634E5512A48BAAD3182EBAE9FB964"><p>The trail sections marked red on the map are closed for construction. Please follow detours, use alternate routes, and keep safely back from equipment and crews. <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/20210104-TyneheadAdvisoryMap.png" target="_blank">See map</a></p></div>TrueGP0|#d93a105c-0cc8-4d1e-bd4d-84f48b79d837;L0|#0d93a105c-0cc8-4d1e-bd4d-84f48b79d837|Tynehead Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a

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