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Caution: flooding due to high tides and freshetCaution: flooding due to high tides and freshet<div class="ExternalClass270A0358867449F9B0916E5B2BC6A06F"><p>​Expect water levels to fluctuate as river levels change and as tides ebb and flow. Park staff monitor water levels and post signs. Please use caution, avoid flooded trails and obey posted signs.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#cb239fda-07e2-400f-94c7-ed1b35cdd2fd;L0|#0cb239fda-07e2-400f-94c7-ed1b35cdd2fd|Barnston Island Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Boardwalk linking Raptor Trail with 12th Ave Dyke Trail CLOSEDBoardwalk linking Raptor Trail with 12th Ave Dyke Trail CLOSED<div class="ExternalClass7BC449D366FE495BB0822F38E78207A6"><p>Due to damage during winter storms, the boardwalk linking Raptor Trail with 12th Ave Dyke Trail will remain closed until further notice. Plans for repairs are underway.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd;L0|#0abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd|Boundary Bay Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Bridge between 12th Ave Dyke Trail & Raptor Trail CLOSEDBridge between 12th Ave Dyke Trail & Raptor Trail CLOSED<div class="ExternalClass983046C013664465B67D7DCB76952493"><p>​The pedestrian bridge near the park's 12th Ave Entrance, which connects the 12th Ave Dyke Trail with Raptor Trail, is closed until further notice. For information about bridge repairs, contact the City of Delta at 604-952-3400. For questions about Boundary Bay Regional Park, call 604-520-6442.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd;L0|#0abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd|Boundary Bay Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Mud Bay temporary washroom closure and trail detoursMud Bay temporary washroom closure and trail detours<div class="ExternalClass7993F196E6FC49248EAC1DFE653B5AC8"><p>​​The washrooms at Mud Bay (at the eastern end of the Boundary Bay Dyke Trail) are temporarily closed. Portable toilets are available. Visitors should also expect trail detours due to construction work for upgrading the dykes (<a href="">Colebrook Dyke Projects</a>) and improving flood protection (<a href="">Mud Bay Nature-based Foreshore Enhancements</a>). For more information, see <a href="">details on construction activity</a>, contact the City of Surrey at 604-591-4253, or email<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd;L0|#0abb4eafb-35be-4c46-a2f4-759b894bcbfd|Boundary Bay Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Stoney Creek section is CLOSEDStoney Creek section is CLOSED<div class="ExternalClass8EE32F63492C489394D8575095359F6E"><p>​A temporary closure is needed for the section of greenway between Government Street and Eastlake Drive to facilitate pipeline construction. This portion of the greenway is closed until spring 2023. Please follow posted signs and directions from onsite personnel. For more information about this work, go to <a href=""></a>, call 1-866-514-6700, or contact<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#476d69ef-8727-441b-a5fc-19488e320266;L0|#0476d69ef-8727-441b-a5fc-19488e320266|Brunette-Fraser Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Glencarin Trailhead Entrance LIMITED ACCESSGlencarin Trailhead Entrance LIMITED ACCESS<div class="ExternalClass46E9C56B31FE4276809C948C1B878E6B"><p>Due to construction in the area, vehicle access to the Glencarin Trailhead Entrance will be limited until late 2022. Pedestrian access may also be limited or re-routed. Please follow posted safety signs. For information on nearby road closures and construction for the <a href="">Pattullo Gas Line Replacement Project</a>, call 604-576-7208 or email <br></p></div>TrueGP0|#cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410;L0|#0cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410|Burnaby Lake Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Piper Mill Trail re-surfacing starts May 23Piper Mill Trail re-surfacing starts May 23<div class="ExternalClassA6B65F2DAA564021848AA3C3C4563335"><div>Work to re-surface Piper Mill Trail (<a href="/services/parks/Documents/bur-piper-mill-tr-resurfacing_may2023_map.pdf" target="_blank">see map</a>) will begin the week of May 23 and take about a month. Please follow detour route and posted safety signs. Visitors should also expect to encounter work crews and equipment along Cottonwood Trail between the work area and Piper Spit. Thanks for your cooperation.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410;L0|#0cf1f5a33-14d5-402f-a1e6-2c508311e410|Burnaby Lake Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
The Dog Off-leash Area Will Be Closed for the Month of June, 2023The Dog Off-leash Area Will Be Closed for the Month of June, 2023<div class="ExternalClass1D089248A27446F89F679673CA1C2FF1"><p>​<span lang="EN-CA">The dog off-leash area will be closed for renovations. Renovations include adding a new loop trail and fencing. </span><span lang="EN-CA">The entrances to the dog off-leash area from the Shaggy Main Trail and 4th Avenue will be closed at that time.<br> These upgrades are part of the <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/CampbellValleyRegionalParkManagementPlan-2020.pdf">Campbell Valley Regional Park Management Plan.</a></span><br></p></div>TrueGP0|#17b6417b-d6d4-4089-9492-5630d2afaa77;L0|#017b6417b-d6d4-4089-9492-5630d2afaa77|Campbell Valley Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail Building Starting May 29Trail Building Starting May 29<div class="ExternalClass80C2CE9924FF4BB0ACEDD2001DB3DB4F"><p>Expect to hear and see crews and equipment working off trail, parallel to the Shaggy Mane Trail, between Lochiel School House and 532- 204 Street. Temporary closures and detours may occur on the Shaggy Mane Trail near the Lochiel School House. Crews will be building the next section of the Perimeter Trail. <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/campbell-valley-regional-park-trail-building-mar2023.jpg" target="_blank">See map</a>. This work is part of the implementation of the <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/CampbellValleyRegionalParkManagementPlan-2020.pdf" target="_blank">park management plan</a>.</p></div>TrueGP0|#17b6417b-d6d4-4089-9492-5630d2afaa77;L0|#017b6417b-d6d4-4089-9492-5630d2afaa77|Campbell Valley Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Portion of Capilano Pacific Trail CLOSED due to landslidesPortion of Capilano Pacific Trail CLOSED due to landslides<div class="ExternalClassFA9EA39AC9E94380999BCBB671EF6A3F"><p>​Due to landslides that occurred in 2021, a portion of Capilano Pacific Trail between Keith Road and Moyne Drive is CLOSED. Please stay out of the area as it is extremely hazardous. <br>A detour is in place; click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> to see a map. This section of the trail lies within District of West Vancouver's jurisdiction. In November 2022, council passed a resolution directing staff to report back on the possiblity of reinstating the sewer line and incorporating a pedestrian bridge across the failed section of trail; please go <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> for more info.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#4d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18;L0|#04d4e453a-932f-44ad-a02f-9d27dfbe3b18|Capilano River Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
No Cycling on Mundy Creek TrailNo Cycling on Mundy Creek Trail<div class="ExternalClass33B10760A3014BC9A0D5A4BFC029B72C"><p>Mundy Creek Trail remains a ‘no cycling’ route at this time. Please make alternate plans and follow posted signs.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#1a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d;L0|#01a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d|Colony Farm Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Temporary Trail ClosureTemporary Trail Closure<div class="ExternalClass22D4740E740949D2BA95365033D332F1"><div>​The <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/COLTMEPTemporaryTrailClosure2021_MAP.pdf" target="_blank">western perimeter trail</a> at Colony Farm Regional Park is closed until June 2023 to serve as a temporary staging and storage area for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (no pipe or any other permanent works will be installed in the park). Learn more about the temporary trail closure <a href="/services/parks/Documents/ColonyFarmRegionalPark-TempTrailClosureInfo-Jan2022.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.<br></div><div> <br> </div><div>During the closure, visitors should expect minor traffic delays and construction activity near the junction of Colony Farm Road and Lougheed Highway. Please follow posted safety signs and directions from traffic control personnel.<br></div><div> <br> </div><div>For questions or concerns about the project, email <a href="">here</a> or call 1-866-514-6700. For information about the park, call 604-520-6442.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#1a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d;L0|#01a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d|Colony Farm Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail Resurfacing starts week of May 1Trail Resurfacing starts week of May 1<div class="ExternalClass90F927C356834C70AC1C668E3854E01B"><div>This work will occur on trails throughout the park and is expected to take about two weeks. Trails will remain open but visitors should expect short delays and to encounter construction equipment and crews. Please follow posted safety signs and directions from crew and park staff. Thanks for your cooperation.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#1a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d;L0|#01a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d|Colony Farm Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
​Home Farm Dyke Trail partial closure​Home Farm Dyke Trail partial closure<div class="ExternalClassBD223BFCE31A4E9D9868A52B6899C65F"><div>A <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/COLHomeFarmTrail-partialclosure_map_02Apr2020.pdf" target="_blank">section of the Home Farm Dyke Trail </a>between the park’s main entrance and the Millennium Bridge is closed. Pedestrians can bypass this section using the pedestrian-only Garden Trail.  Cycling is not permitted on pedestrian-only trails; cyclists should plan alternate routes.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#1a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d;L0|#01a89443c-a97a-4dbc-a0be-be293cf2f40d|Colony Farm Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Maple Trail temporarily CLOSEDMaple Trail temporarily CLOSED<div class="ExternalClass6F1D4097E69D4C9EAA4101F62D198E91"><p>​Maple Trail remains temporarily CLOSED until summer 2023 while construction of a new medical centre on Miller Road is underway. Please use Alder Grove Trail during this time.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#af602a5e-9d78-495a-946d-f24786f469e4;L0|#0af602a5e-9d78-495a-946d-f24786f469e4|Crippen Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
George Massey Tunnel Transmission Relocation ProjectGeorge Massey Tunnel Transmission Relocation Project<div class="ExternalClass6A1809B05ABB4213A99D7F3DDBAC8139"><div>The Province is proposing to replace the existing tunnel and planning is underway. A new tunnel will require relocation of a section of power line which crosses the Fraser River and Deas Island. BC Hydro is examining three alternatives and will be providing opportunities for public feedback. To complete the on-line survey or learn more about the project go to<a href="">\gmt</a>, or contact BC Hydro at 604-623-4472 or</div></div>TrueGP0|#c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8;L0|#0c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8|Deas Island Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Inverholme Schoolhouse closed for repairsInverholme Schoolhouse closed for repairs<div class="ExternalClassA4EAEF0FF5274768861783A8AB5B96EF"><p>​Due to damage during winter storms, Inverholme Schoolhouse will remain closed until further notice. Plans for repairs are underway.</p></div>TrueGP0|#c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8;L0|#0c85e88e8-9ffc-4208-81e1-6845643adbf8|Deas Island Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Sporadic flooding of nearby trailsSporadic flooding of nearby trails<div class="ExternalClassB7636837966E4B7FA0ECBD1E1F798E21"><p>​​Due to site conditions, some nearby trails used for accessing the Delta Nature Reserve may be intermittently and unpredictably flooded after heavy rainfall. Please make alternate plans and follow posted safety signs.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#85d01732-b3e0-42cf-8cf0-b67847a489c7;L0|#085d01732-b3e0-42cf-8cf0-b67847a489c7|Delta Nature Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail Closure and Trail ConditionsTrail Closure and Trail Conditions<div class="ExternalClass5548F46657764AFABDC7E9893CBF836D"><p>​A <a href="/services/parks/Documents/dnr-boardwalkclosurepmap_dec2021.pdf" target="_blank">section of the Inner Loop</a> remains closed due to boardwalk damage. Plans for repairs are underway. Due to site conditions, some sections of the Outer Loop may be flooded after heavy rainfall. Please follow posted safety signs and be prepared to retrace your steps on all routes.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#85d01732-b3e0-42cf-8cf0-b67847a489c7;L0|#085d01732-b3e0-42cf-8cf0-b67847a489c7|Delta Nature Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Seasonal, sporadic trail flooding Seasonal, sporadic trail flooding <div class="ExternalClass4E1D74C41C0749CC93A37DE803D7A145"><p>Due to site conditions, some sections of the trail may be intermittently and unpredictably flooded after heavy rainfall. Please follow posted safety signs.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#f11a1c79-f81f-4236-beb0-f449c570611d;L0|#0f11a1c79-f81f-4236-beb0-f449c570611d|Delta South Surrey Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Grass field open but new washroom building remains closed Grass field open but new washroom building remains closed <div class="ExternalClassBE7AF04A88704564BF8F509D454F49DE"><div><p>The grass field at Edgewater Bar is now open, but the new washroom building remains closed.<br></p></div></div>TrueGP0|#5cec3a32-d36d-4afb-9f39-06151dc2405b;L0|#05cec3a32-d36d-4afb-9f39-06151dc2405b|Derby Reach Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
The campground CLOSED due to floodingThe campground CLOSED due to flooding<div class="ExternalClass84FD6BB2164F45AB988A21E5638235C0"><p>Edgewater Bar Campground is CLOSED until further notice due to flooding. Campers with existing reservations will be contacted and refunded accordingly. Metro Vancouver staff monitor flood levels and will determine when the campground should re-open. Please continue to check this webpage for updated information.</p></div>TrueGP0|#5cec3a32-d36d-4afb-9f39-06151dc2405b;L0|#05cec3a32-d36d-4afb-9f39-06151dc2405b|Derby Reach Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Intermittent closures on Baden-Powell Trail Fri. Jun. 2Intermittent closures on Baden-Powell Trail Fri. Jun. 2<div class="ExternalClassE695E84AEAA64564B7B7926A8249696A"><p>​Due to helicopter work in the area, there will be intermittent closures on the Baden-Powell Trail and the secondary access trail from the parking lot on Friday, June 2. Please comply with requests from crews for your safety.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#7268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba;L0|#07268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba|Grouse Mountain Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Lower BCMC Route CLOSED weekdays to June 30Lower BCMC Route CLOSED weekdays to June 30<div class="ExternalClass82C8875E18FD4327BDADACD79926C3D7"><p>​The lower part of the BCMC Route is CLOSED all day Monday to Friday while trail upgrades are underway. Work is scheduled to last until June 30.<br>When the route is closed, you can use a detour along the Baden-Powell and Larsen trails to reconnect with the upper part of the BCMC near marker 29.<br>Please note that the Larsen Trail is steeper rougher terrain than the BCMC and that the detour adds 650 m to the distance. Allow an extra 30 to 45 minutes one-way.<br>The BCMC Route will be open on Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays. Trail users should remember they will pass through active construction areas and use extra caution.</p></div>TrueGP0|#7268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba;L0|#07268dcc5-1101-4681-8711-3bc3b5e94aba|Grouse Mountain Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Bears Are Now Active at Kanaka CreekBears Are Now Active at Kanaka Creek<div class="ExternalClassEC3537A5DF1E482BB11BE2106DCDCA4B"><p class="ExternalClass0C81EF90A3024A759BAD31E0AECAFD2F">Bears are active, looking for food and as 'wild' are generally uninterested in people. Bears that become comfortable near people can become dangerous and may be destroyed. Please keep bears wild and everyone safe.</p><ul><li>Make noise to warn bears of your presence</li><li>Keep children close and pets leashed</li><li>Stay away from bears, at least 100 metres (10 bus lengths)</li><li>Remove garbage and food attractants</li></ul><p>If you see a bear at a distance, stay back 100 metres. Choose an alternate route. Negative bear-human interactions may result in closure of some areas of the park or harm to the bear.</p><p><em>For more information about bears and bear safety, click </em><a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/Bears_in_Metrovancouver.pdf"><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><em>here</em></span></a><em>.</em></p></div>TrueGP0|#e93060f2-4d03-4877-8e6f-229c1fef4b3e;L0|#0e93060f2-4d03-4877-8e6f-229c1fef4b3e|Kanaka Creek Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Dog Mountain Trail ClosureDog Mountain Trail Closure<div class="ExternalClass046134F8911D4F3FBC8C808E2A747D43">Dog Mountain Trail is closed due to hazardous trail conditions caused by melting snow. Please obey signage and stay off the trail. The trail will be reopend when conditions improve.<br></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Fisherman’s Trail Final UpgradesFisherman’s Trail Final Upgrades<div class="ExternalClassC5050E64E2B84011A3604FD1BD6F92FE"><p>The final upgrades on Fisherman’s Trail between Mystery Creek and Baden Powell are scheduled for late June-August 2023. Work will consist of widening and resurfacing some trail sections, as well as culvert replacements. The bridge over Mystery creek on the Fisherman’s Trail (South) will also be replaced after trail upgrades. <strong>Due to active hauling, the trail will be closed during working hours, between 7:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday. </strong>While an effort will be made to maintain user access during bridge replacement, expect closures at any point during the work window<strong>. </strong>Please obey all closure/detour signage during this time.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Fishing Banned between Seymour Dam and Seymour EstuaryFishing Banned between Seymour Dam and Seymour Estuary<div class="ExternalClassC19DFD71A9FD4B638297A523E2E102BC"><p> <a href="">​More Information from Fisheries and Oceans Canada</a></p></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Mystery Creek Falls Bridge ReplacementMystery Creek Falls Bridge Replacement<div class="ExternalClass1C6C45CA2065453682E142AB6A0DF33A"><p>Bridge replacement work will occur at Mystery Creek Falls from May 23 - June 1. Trail users may use the existing boardwalk over Mystery Creek until the new bridge is complete. Cyclists, please dismount and obey route change signage. Cabin trail will remain open during bridge construction.</p><br></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Notice of Construction Notice of Construction <div class="ExternalClass2CB16F8D978B41FFBCD016C030CB9A4F">Construction of the new Watershed Centre building is set to begin in mid-April in the LSCR gravel overflow lot. Part of the overflow lot will be closed until further notice while construction is underway. Please respect closure signage and plan for limited parking. <a href="/services/water/WaterPublications/LowerSeymourConservationReserve-ConstructionInformation.pdf" target="_blank">Learn more on the construction</a>.<br></div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Spur 4 Trail ClosureSpur 4 Trail Closure<div class="ExternalClass260A6803DFE343A3BDB444EF672ECE21"><p>Expect Spur 4 intermittent trail closures to accommodate blasting at 8km to remove a blind corner. Consider a different route.</p><p>Work period: May 1 - May 19 between 7:00 am - 3:30 pm</p> </div>TrueGP0|#4b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de;L0|#04b7c84ed-ab21-4dbd-8ee7-2755204580de|Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Backcountry routes CLOSEDBackcountry routes CLOSED<div class="ExternalClassFD8F2C5F91FF493CBD0F4D0ABB7AAAF5"><p>All backcountry routes at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park are CLOSED due to hazardous winter conditions. This applies to routes beyond Norvan Falls (e.g. Hanes Valley, Coliseum Mountain and Lynn Lake) as well as routes in the Grouse subalpine (e.g. Dam Mountain, Thunderbird Ridge, Crown Mountain, Goat Mountain, Little Goat & Goat Ridge).<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Bears at Lynn Headwaters Regional ParkBears at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park<div class="ExternalClassDA94F436309C44EDADC0F15056E373D9"><p>Be bear aware at <span style="text-decoration:underline;">all</span> times.<br>It's best to hike with a friend (or two) and make some noise as you go (e.g. talking, singing) to let wildlife know that you're in the area.<br><br>Pack out all your garbage (including organic waste such as apple cores and banana peels). <br><br>Give wildlife respect and space. Do not attempt to get close to a bear or feed a bear.<br></p><p>If you do encounter a bear:<br></p><ul><li>Do not run<br><em>Face the bear and back away slowly<br></em></li><li>Stay calm<br><em>Talk to the bear in a confident voice</em></li><li>Make sure the bear has a clear exit<br><em>He or she is likely just as anxious to get out of there as you are.</em></li></ul><div> </div><div><div>For more information about bears and bear safety, click <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/Bears_in_Metrovancouver.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>.<br></div></div></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Bridge CLOSED on Headwaters TrailBridge CLOSED on Headwaters Trail<div class="ExternalClassB086E282B36B4882B914491B516EEEA6"><p>​A bridge on Headwaters Trail is CLOSED due to damage. The creek is NOT safe to pass during or after times of heavy rain. Click <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/LYN_bridge_closed_reduced.jpg" target="_blank">here</a> to see the location of the bridge.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf;L0|#0be478c49-6e79-40d3-ac12-e8a7bd42cacf|Lynn Headwaters Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Expect detours and delays in getting to the parkExpect detours and delays in getting to the park<div class="ExternalClassC6F03C26A8F746268A52B19B1A23674E"> <div>​The City of Coquitlam is working on a major project that includes sewer system improvements, environmental enhancements, and transportation upgrades. Although Victoria Drive and Cedar Drive are primarily affected, visitors heading to the park should expect to encounter detours, delays, and significant increases in construction traffic on all routes to the park. Work is expected to be ongoing until late 2023. Updates can be found at <a href="" target="_blank">Cedar Creek Upgrade Project</a>. For more information, email the Cedar Drive Project team at or call 604-927-3515.<br></div> </div>TrueGP0|#743d71ef-a15c-479b-963b-ef503a31283b;L0|#0743d71ef-a15c-479b-963b-ef503a31283b|Minnekhada Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Park road closed to vehicles starting JUNE 6Park road closed to vehicles starting JUNE 6<div class="ExternalClass4BCBC33E9D1147BEBDFCA19D071C4B5E"><div>Oliver Road in Minnekhada Regional Park will be closed to vehicles starting Tuesday, June 6. This closure is based on bear activity in the immediate area and is expected to last about four months. The road will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists. Vehicles can access the park using the Quarry Road Entrance.</div><div><br></div><div>If you see a bear - give it space! Stay at least 100 metres away, and be prepared to retrace your route to avoid a bear. Keeping your distance helps keep people safe and bears wild. For more information about bears and safety, see <a href="/services/parks/ParksPublications/Bears_in_Metrovancouver.pdf">Bears in Metro Vancouver Regional Parks</a> or visit <a href="">WildSafeBC</a>.<br></div></div>TrueGP0|#743d71ef-a15c-479b-963b-ef503a31283b;L0|#0743d71ef-a15c-479b-963b-ef503a31283b|Minnekhada Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
NO HORSES on Southwest Marine Trail between Camosun St. and Clinton TrailNO HORSES on Southwest Marine Trail between Camosun St. and Clinton Trail<div class="ExternalClassDBF8F8B84588455FA1A59B95D73A93E6"><p>​Due to damage to a culvert, Southwest Marine Trail is temporarily closed to horses between the Camosun St. entrance and Clinton Trail. Equestrians can detour using the St. George's Trail entrance on Camosun St. <br></p></div>TrueGP0|#670e3741-2119-4381-8827-5ecf8b651c71;L0|#0670e3741-2119-4381-8827-5ecf8b651c71|Pacific Spirit Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Portion of Council Trail CLOSED June 5 to 9Portion of Council Trail CLOSED June 5 to 9<div class="ExternalClass771EA1767E24434BA66F4E0D0F8A079E"><p>Crews will be replacing a bridge on a section of Council Trail between Salish and Iron Knee trails from June 5 to 9. During that time, that portion of Council Trail will be CLOSED; please use Hemlock or Powerline trails as a detour.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#670e3741-2119-4381-8827-5ecf8b651c71;L0|#0670e3741-2119-4381-8827-5ecf8b651c71|Pacific Spirit Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Caution: Muddy, uneven surfaces and vehicles on the dyke trailCaution: Muddy, uneven surfaces and vehicles on the dyke trail<div class="ExternalClassEFEB76BCD7354966A703AC0C2C764BEE"><p>Industrial trucks hauling soil over the dyke trail to fill private riverfront have caused muddy uneven surfaces on dyke.<br>Use extra care and keep back from vehicles, equipment and crews.<br><a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/PittRiverAdvisory-January2018.jpg" target="_blank">Route affected</a> - 700 meter section of dyke, from the airport to 176 St (<em>red line on map</em>)</p></div>TrueGP0|#50642258-a371-4068-a85a-a8ba38cd57c8;L0|#050642258-a371-4068-a85a-a8ba38cd57c8|Pitt River Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trail Closures and Detours Starting March 1Trail Closures and Detours Starting March 1<div class="ExternalClassE0B5BFCCB6E347C99E291CC824B841AC"><p>Expect trail closures and detours on the trails marked red <a href="/services/parks/Documents/closure-pitt-river-greenway-map.pdf" target="_blank">on the map</a>. The closures are due to storm drain construction by Onni Group. For more information about the storm drain work, contact Onni Group @ 604-602-7711</p></div>TrueGP0|#50642258-a371-4068-a85a-a8ba38cd57c8;L0|#050642258-a371-4068-a85a-a8ba38cd57c8|Pitt River Regional Greenway;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
​ Caution, Sections of Parsons Trail and Pacific Trail Are Flooding​ Caution, Sections of Parsons Trail and Pacific Trail Are Flooding<div class="ExternalClass8B06225B641444E4B39A419A1632A5E0"><p>​Sections of Parsons Trail and Pacific Trail are flooding due to high tides and freshet. Expect water levels to fluctuate as river levels change and as tides ebb and flow. Park staff monitor water levels and post signs. Please use caution, avoid flooded trails and obey posted signs.<br></p></div>TrueGP0|#6c20902c-3e56-40a0-9974-266af869eec2;L0|#06c20902c-3e56-40a0-9974-266af869eec2|Surrey Bend Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a
Trucks and Crews on Perimeter Trail East, May 30th – June 23Trucks and Crews on Perimeter Trail East, May 30th – June 23<div class="ExternalClassF7855BA15A0D4DF58D00C30278777F5E"><p>Trucks and crews will be on the northern half of Perimeter Trail, on the east side of the park, from 168 Street entrance to the old livestock barn. They will be hauling water and working on park restoration plantings.</p><p>Please use caution when on the Perimeter Trail. <a href="/services/parks/PublishingImages/Tynehead-perimeter-trail-east-map.jpg" target="_blank">See map</a>.</p></div>TrueGP0|#d93a105c-0cc8-4d1e-bd4d-84f48b79d837;L0|#0d93a105c-0cc8-4d1e-bd4d-84f48b79d837|Tynehead Regional Park;GTSet|#ef6bfa32-7824-496c-b2c2-24278fe7b36a

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