Pacific Spirit Regional Park Service Yard Replacement


Metro Vancouver's busiest regional park needs a new service yard

The existing service yard no longer meets the needs of the park, and cannot be replaced at the current site.

(A regional park service yard is the operations base for staff to protect ecological resources, patrol the park, maintain park facilities and support stewardship and interpretive programs. A park service yard includes basic workspace and storage for tools and equipment. About 0.4 ha of land is required for a new service yard.)

Why the park needs a new service yard

Pacific Spirit Regional Park measures 874.4 hectares in size, and preserves a variety of habitats from wetlands to forests to foreshore. It features 73 km of trail that are used by hikers, cyclists and horse riders, and 7.5 km of shoreline. It had 2.32 million visits in 2015.

All of the trails, bridges, stairs, fences, garbage bins, toilets and other amenities within the park need maintaining. As well, there is ongoing work to ensure the health of park's natural areas, and stewardship work – often with park partners – to restore or enhance the ecological integrity of Pacific Spirit.

Choosing a location for the new service yard

Regional parks staff are reviewing a number of sites within the park for suitability. Based on analysis to date, some sites are being studied in detail to determine feasibility as potential locations.