Grouse Mountain Regional Park – Park Planning

Grouse Regional Park 

Help shape the future of Grouse Mountain Regional Park

We’re moving forward in developing a park plan to guide resource management, park improvement, operations and programming over the next 20 years.

In 2017, we asked for public input on Grouse Mountain Regional Park and its trails, including likes and dislikes as well as ideas for improvements. People shared their priorites for the park, ideas for improving safety and wishlists for improvements.

Through the planning process, we’ve now developed a management plan framework with high-level goals and objectives as well as some more tangible action-based strategies such as proposed trail standards, trailhead changes, habitat protection/enhancement and nature programming.

Information on that framework can be found in the PDFs in the sidebar. Some of the panels refer to a survey that ended in August 2018. Check back here in late fall for more information on survey results and the next phase of the park plan.