Wildlife Management

We live in a very biodiverse region.  More than 120 of the species that call our region home are endangered, threatened or of conservation concern.  Other species are of interest because of their interactions with humans.  Metro Vancouver strives to inventory and conserve habitat for these species and develops specific management plans where appropriate. 


While beavers themselves do not pose a significant problem, their work often does. They raise the level of their dam to enlarge their pond, expanding their access to a supply of trees and other resources. This can result in flooding of roads and properties outside the park boundary. Installing a pond-leveler keeps the pond below the flood point, allowing the beavers to continue living in the park, but reducing disruption to their neighbours. Also, the trees beavers cut for their food and shelter provide important habitat to other park animals. Trees in these areas are wrapped with wire or other materials to protect them and the habitat they provide.


Metro Vancouver coordinates the delivery of a mosquito control program on behalf of the region. The current focus is on control of nuisance mosquitoes at the larval stage. Services are provided to the following participating municipalities:

  • The City of Coquitlam
  • The City of Maple Ridge
  • The City of Pitt Meadows
  • The City of Surrey
  • The Township of Langley

To learn more about mosquito management, visit our service provider's website: Morrow BioScience Ltd.

For information about this program or to report mosquito related concerns, please call the Mosquito Hotline at 604-432-6228.