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Project Overview

Metro Vancouver is convening municipalities, TransLink, First Nations and other stakeholders to update the existing Regional Greenways plan into a new Regional Greenways 2050 plan. The new plan describes the region’s shared vision of a gap-free network of recreational greenways within the Metro Vancouver region. It will guide the collaborative efforts of multiple agencies and organizations to expand and operate these important recreational corridors that promote healthy citizens and a resilient region.


The Vision
"The region-wide seamless network of recreational greenways and trails is the best way to experience the beauty of the region."

Regional greenways are linear corridors that contain  multi-use trails which are, for the most part, physically separated from road traffic. They connect multiple regional parks, communities and other important natural areas and protect ecosystem services. They support active lifestyles that promote physical and mental health, reduce traffic, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and provide wildlife with links between natural areas.

Due to the mosaic of land ownership in the region, creating regional greenways will require coordinated actions on the part of many parties. Establishing a shared vision and implementation framework for the regional greenway network across Metro Vancouver will involve the collaboration of local governments, federal and provincial ministries and agencies, First Nations, utilities, and other key stakeholders.

The first regional greenway vision was adopted in 1999. It broadly identified a network of recreational greenways and environmental corridors that connect habitat areas and provide links to major recreation areas across the region.

Participants in the original plan have made significant progress on the implementation of portions of the planned network. After more than two decades, it is time to revitalize the regional greenways network so it builds on past accomplishments, responds to new priorities and anticipates further changes in the region.




Regional Greenways 2050 Draft Planhttp://www.metrovancouver.org/services/parks/ParksPublications/RegionalGreenways2050DraftPlan.pdfRegional Greenways 2050 Draft Plan
Multi-use Pathways Survey Report http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/parks/ParksPublications/Multi-UsePathwaysSurveyReport.pdfMulti-use Pathways Survey Report
Greenways 2050 Engagement Report - Phase 1http://www.metrovancouver.org/services/parks/ParksPublications/RegionalGreenways2050-EngagementReportJuly2020.pdfGreenways 2050 Engagement Report - Phase 1




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