Programs for Groups

Explore regional parks as a group!




Adventures and discoveries await you in Metro Vancouver Regional Parks – no matter what your age or interest. Group programs are a great way to get the most out of your park experience and create fun, lasting memories.

Field trips

Our Regional Park interpreters can customize a program to fit your needs, including:

  • Wildlife tracking
  • Birding
  • Human connections to nature
  • Exploring forest communities
  • Orienteering and outdoor skills
  • Parks after dark
  • Beaver tales
  • And much more!

You can also choose one of the program topics below:

  • Nature Explorers

    Taste a raindrop, touch a tree, smell a flower and listen for birds as you explore the park. Experience nature through all your senses as sights, sounds, textures and smells come alive.

  • Spring Flowers, Fall Leaves

    Explore how plants and animals mark time and signal the change of seasons. Spring is a time of growth; plants bud and bloom while animals mate and make nests. Fall is a time of preparation; plants go to seed while animals cache food, migrate or hibernate.

  • Beaver Tales (Burnaby Lake, Iona Beach & Minnekhada Regional Parks only)

    Look for lodges, dams and canals built by these wetland engineers and see firsthand how beavers change landscapes and create new habitat for a variety of wildlife.

  • Investigating Invertebrates

    Search for spiders, slugs and bugs, and learn to love these little creatures that do big jobs – as food, pollinators, decomposers and more! 

  • Roots, Shoots and Seeds

    How are plants different from other living things? Find out what a tiny seed needs to turn into a giant tree. Explore local native plants and how they make good habitat for other living creatures.

  • Pond Peeking (Campbell Valley, Iona Beach & Minnekhada Regional Parks only)

    Explore the pond edge to catch and release minnows, dragonfly nymphs, frogs and many other creatures. Discover how they manage to breathe underwater, find shelter and evade predators.

  • Seashore Sleuths (Belcarra, Boundary Bay or Pacific Spirit Regional Parks only)

    Explore the inter-tidal zone to discover shore crabs, hermit crabs, sand sculpins, mud snails and other sea creatures. Learn about the ways they survive the harsh beach environment and escape predators.

  • Navigating the Night

    How do bats, owls and other nocturnal animals survive in a world without light? Tune up your senses, listen and adjust your night vision to experience the park through a nocturnal lens.

  • Forest Communities

    Explore the amazing connections between the plants and animals that live in our West Coast rainforests. Some you might know; others will surprise you! (As a bonus, you'll also find out more about how forest organisms are able to thrive in such cold, wet habitats.)

  • Bog Wonders (Pacific Spirit Regional Park only)

    Discover the secrets of this ancient bog as you learn about the unique organisms that live here, including carnivorous plants and mosses that have the ability to hold 25 times their own weight in water. (You'll also find out how First Nations used bog plants as medicines, and how bogs help fight climate change.)

  • Stream Searchers (Kanaka Creek Regional Park only)

    Dip into rippling waters in search of fascinating stream life such as dragonfly nymphs and caddisflies, and discover what they can tell us about water quality. Find out how the stream and these unique creatures are linked to the surrounding forest.

  • Salmon Rainforest (Capilano River [Oct/Nov] & Kanaka Creek Regional Parks [Apr/May & Oct/Nov] only)

    Did you know that salmon help keep the forest and more than 100 animal species healthy? Explore these fascinating relationships by learning about all the different pieces of the ecological puzzle and how they fit together.

  • Ecosystem Explorers

    Ever heard terms like biodiversity and ecosystems and wondered what they were or how they worked? Our park interpreters will help you explore the relationships of local wildlife, plants and non-living things and put together that bigger picture – in a fun, hands-on way. This program can take place in forests, wetlands, grasslands, beaches or any landscape that piques your interest.

  • Map, Compass and Outdoor Skills

    Learn how to use a map and compass, and pick up tips on other essential outdoor skills to keep you safe and happy on the trail no matter where you go!

  • Wonderful Water (Capilano River Regional park only)

    Fresh water is essential to life. We need it; animals need it, plants need it. How do we ensure there is enough for everyone? Find out about how we manage our drinking water, the effects on wildlife and what we can all do to ensure there's enough to go around. Enjoy a hike from Cleveland Dam, through magnificent temperate rainforest to the Capilano River below.

  • Ecosystem Heroes (Iona Beach Regional Park only)

    At first glance, Iona Beach Regional Park is pretty but doesn't look that special. But the more you look, the more you realize how unique and important these delicate ecosystems are. The park is critical bird habitat. It's home to rare dune plant communities. Explore the incredible diversity of life at Iona Beach Regional Park, learn to love its subtle richness, then lend a hand to remove some invasive species.


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Programs usually last two hours. The minimum fee is $70 for a group of up to 15 participants. Longer programs or larger groups can be accommodated for an additional cost.


Programs take place rain or shine. If you need to cancel or change the date of your program, a $25 administration fee will be retained. No refund will be issued for cancellations less than two weeks before the program date.