Nature Break

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When you don’t have a chance to get outside and explore nature in person, take a moment to immerse yourself in nature through one of our online videos.

Nature Break

Frog Song

Banana Slugs

Black-tailed Deer

Pepin Brook


Nature Break with a Park Interpreter

Sugar Kelp

Fallen Logs

Red-winged Blackbird

Ghost Pipe

Sea Stars



Nature Notes from Regional Parks

Name That Tree!

Tree Holes – Homes for Bird

Bird Song

Beavers – Super Swimmers

Sea Stars

Staying Stuck

Beach Rocks


Skunk Cabbage - The Smelly Survivor

​Nature Activities

Get more out of your park experience! Take one of these printable sheets with you on your next visit to a regional park for a little extra fun.

This bingo sheet will encourage children to slow down and notice natural wonders as they try and spot as many items as they can. The first one to complete a full row, column or diagonal wins.