Annacis Research and Event Centre, which is located near the Annacis Island wastewater treatment plant, has research areas available for lease. The interior research hall has eight research bays and a well-equipped, modern laboratory. Outside, we offer customizable exterior research pads. Both interior and exterior research sites offer access to power, four different wastewater commodities, a shared kitchen, washrooms, and office space.

  • Research Hall

    Wastewater process streams are piped underground from the Annacis Island wastewater treatment plant. Researchers can connect to three locations and if needed, centrate can be trucked in (see chart below).

    Features include:

    • 600V 3-phase power and 208V 3-phase power via an overhead cable tray
    • 120 V receptacles, distributed along interior walls
    • Roll-up door and overhead bridge crane (five tonne) for delivery and positioning of equipment
    • Potable water hose bibs in each quadran
    • Tool crib
    • PPE equipment (limited supply)
    • Emergency shower and eyewash station
    • Wireless internet
    Commodity Flow Rate Pressure Connection Style
    Primary Effluent 100 L/m 470 kPa 3" Cam-lock
    Secondary Effluent 175 L/m 150 kPa 3" Cam-lock
    Waste Secondary Sludge 50 L/m 50 kPa 2" Cam-lock
    Centrate 18,000 liters onsite capacity

    Potable water connections available in the research hall:

    • 2 inch - camlock
    • 1 inch - camlock
    • ¾ inch standard thread
  • Outdoor Research Pads

    Custom-sized research pads are available on a graveled outdoor space next to the research hall. The space is ideal for trailers, seacans or other structures.

    Amenities include:

    • Commodities, water and power hookup
    • Easy road access for trucks
    • Secure access to interior shared spaces
    • Tool crib acces
    • PPE equipment (limited supply)
    • Wireless internet
  • Research Lab

    The Annacis Research and Event Centre has modern, clean lab stations that are available for lease in combination with research bays and/or exterior research space.

    Amenities include:

    • Storage: : Lockable cupboard spaces below and above lab stations. Refrigeration and freezer storage.
    • Power: Access to 120V and 208V.
    • Water: Two separate sink stations with potable water and drying racks for equipment

    Shared equipment:

    • Centrifuge
    • Spectrometer
    • PeCOD
    • DO meter
    • PC titrate station
    • DI water
    • RO water
    • Fume hood
    • Forced oven

    Glassware may be available.
    Note: Equipment may be scheduled for project use in order to accommodate an uninterrupted, timed test phase.

  • Education

    Annacis Research and Event Centre also provides educational opportunities to educators interested in wastewater, renewable resources and complementary science and technology. The centre has a rentable science classroom for workshops and training that comfortably seats up to 30 students.

    Amenities include:

    • An instructor's demonstration station (with lab fixtures)
    • Large drop-down A/V screen and laptop hook up
    • Science lab stations/ sinks
    • A room for instructors to prepare lab exercises
    • Built-in whiteboards
    • Emergency eye wash station

Other Amenities

Eleven work stations are available on a first come, first served basis within two offices that are adjacent to the research hall. Meeting rooms can be booked for larger meetings, presentations and brainstorming sessions for a reasonable fee. Researchers have access to a fully equipped kitchen, lounge area, showers, WIFI and free parking.


Depending on your project and commodity needs, you may need to acquire a permit for disposal/discharge or safety reasons. We will work with you to determine requirements on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to construct new structures, approvals and a safety plan will be required.

On-site digging

On-site digging is possible under certain conditions. Consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis, depending on the purpose and scope of the project. 

Construction tools and materials

Research clients must provide all their own building materials, trucks, cement, etc. We have basic tools available in the shared tool crib. Clients must demolish or remove the structure and dispose of it at the end of leasing terms.

Intellectual property rights and privacy

Annacis Research and Event Centre respects research intellectual property (IP) and privacy of research clients. We do not give out private information about our research clients and partners unless directed by the client/partner or an emergency situation arises. Client property is respected at all times during the terms of the lease. Outdoor research space may be ideal for your needs if you wish to keep all of your equipment and tests under lock and key.

Partnering with private businesses

Metro Vancouver is willing to receive and review proposals for joint research with private businesses, but its capacity to commit to new partnerships is limited. Proposals are reviewed with respect to many criteria, including the benefits to the public, community well-being, and potential cost savings.

Obtaining a sewage sample

Anyone may apply for permission to receive sewage samples from one of the Metro Vancouver wastewater treatment plants. Contact ARC to be put in touch with appropriate staff.