The Annacis Research Centre (ARC) was built by Metro Vancouver and the governments of British Columbia and Canada. The centre’s main purpose is to provide research space for the exploration of water resource recovery, wastewater technology and pilot projects that need to work with wastewater streams or available potable water hookups. Many of ARC’s projects focus on reducing environmental impacts and reducing costs for utilities and the communities they serve.

The centre’s secondary purpose is to provide a modern, affordable, eco-friendly option for meeting rooms and event space rentals. We are always happy to share the wonderful energy saving and green building features of ARC with the community. Please contact us for short tours or event space bookings.


The design and operation of the building reflects Metro Vancouver’s commitment to sustainability. The centre was built to LEED Platinum standards and is a BC Wood First building, constructed from locally sourced lumber.

Green building design features include: heating the building by capturing residual heat from wastewater, a small green roof, solar energy usage, managing stormwater on site, and using rainwater for toilet flushing. The site was previously industrial land that has now been restored with native vegetation.

At the Annacis Research Centre we encourage reducing food waste, using earth-friendly disposables with catering, recycling, and composting with our provided bins. We also use eco-friendly cleaning products and energy-saving measures, such as natural lighting, as much as possible.

Transportation and parking

The centre is best reached by car or chartered bus, but it is also possible to get there using public transit. Staff can work with you to arrange for chartered buses or other suitable transportation. The centre has 150 parking spaces.

Take a Virtual Tour

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To find out our availability and book a meeting, event, or tour, please email or phone. We’re happy to assist with any other questions you may have.


Hours of operation
Weekdays: 7 am - 5 pm Evening/weekends: Email for availability

Research Enquiries & Leasing

Leah Waldron – Marketing & Event Coordinator



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