Project Overview

The current plant was constructed as a secondary treatment facility in 1978, providing services to approximately 30,000 people in northwest Langley. The new plant will be able to service approximately 230,000 people by 2026, including residents and businesses in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, while providing tertiary treatment.

Significant ground improvements will be undertaken to ensure operation after an earthquake and the entire site will be raised above the 1-in-200-year flood level.




Early 2020 – Late 2022True1Early 2020 – Late 2022<div class="ExternalClass6380F477790047BA8D26A2958D4EE983"><p>​Pump station and storage tank<br></p></div>
Mid 2021 – Early 2023False2Mid 2021 – Early 2023<div class="ExternalClass22F9CE5E9A8F4EA5BCB5C984DA679644"><p>​Fraser River crossing<br></p></div>
Mid 2022 - Mid 2026False3Mid 2022 - Mid 2026<div class="ExternalClassAB7ACDFC3D3644C592D02E2F8149E9D8"><p>​Wastewater treatment expansion<br></p></div>
Late 2023 – Late 2026False4Late 2023 – Late 2026<div class="ExternalClass04DCB9CE7E9B439FB45D1A40B1EB6AE2"><p>​Outfall pipe <br></p></div>

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