Never Flush Wipes
Never Flush Wipes



Can we talk toilets for a minute? We know it’s a slightly unsavoury topic, but something has changed since most of us first got trained on best bathroom practices. We’re talking about so-called “flushable” wipes.

Many wipes say they can be flushed, but your toilet might disagree. The fact is, toilets and our sewer system aren’t meant to handle wipes, just the basics – PEE, POO and TOILET PAPER.   

Why not wipes?

Watch the videos to find out.







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Unlike toilet paper, wipes don’t easily break down when flushed, even the ones labelled “flushable”. As they travel through the sewer system, wipes can clog sewer lines, pumps and even your own pipes. This can cause backed up pipes, flooded basements and sewage spills into our environment. No one needs to see that!

What does “flushable” mean?

There is currently no regulation to specify what products can be labelled “flushable”. So even if a so-called “flushable” product makes it down your toilet, it can still cause big problems for the sewage system. Cities around the world are working to develop an ISO standard to more accurately label whether or not products are truly flushable.


What can’t I flush?

Our pipes (and yours) can’t handle things like wipes, facial tissues, diapers, cotton balls, tampons, dental floss, paper towels and even hair (who knew?). Many of these items become stringy and bind together to block pipes.


What is flushable

What can I flush?

The only things that should go down your toilet are pee, poo and toilet paper. Remember - even if they say they’re flushable, wipes go in the garbage.




What is flushable

Wipes in the News

What do wipes do to city pipes? Take a look at some examples below to see the impact they’re having in Metro Vancouver. (And Google “fatberg” to see the damage that flushed wipes are causing around the world.)

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Don’t believe the wipe hype: So-called ‘flushable’ products clogging Vancouver pipes, costing millions, The National Post, May 13, 2016

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Never Flush Wipes: My Morning at a Metro Vancouver Wastewater Pump Station, Miss 604, July 14, 2016

'Flushable wipes' controversy: Do Canadians need toilet training?, CTV News, July 27, 2016

See for yourself what wipes do to pipes

View our video and visit our photo gallery below. (Warning: this is where it gets a little gross.)