Quick List

About 80% of wastewater comes from our homes, where each person produces an average of 500 litres of wastewater every day. Some of the things that we put down our pipes can cause big problems for our homes, the environment and the region’s sewer system. You can help by watching what you put down sinks, toilets and storm drains.

There are lots of everyday things you can do to keep the region’s wastewater system (and your pipes) running well. Here are the main ones:

The short list

  • Only flush human waste and toilet paper. Disposable wipes, even those marked “flushable”, don’t easily break down and may cause clogs.
  • Don’t pour grease from cooking down the drain. Wipe small amounts with a paper towel and put it in your municipal food scraps collection bin. Take larger amounts to a recycling depot.
  • Use smaller amounts of soaps, laundry detergent and other cleaning products. Because our region has soft water, things will still get just as clean.
  • Put food scraps in your municipal food scraps collection bin or backyard composter, not down the drain or toilet.
  • Don’t let anything (soap, paint, pesticides) go down the storm drains in roads or driveways. These drains go directly to the nearest waterway.