Forestry and tree farms

Since 1992, Metro Vancouver’s Nutrifor™ products have been used to fertilize and condition soils in a variety of forestry and silviculture programs and research trials. Use of biosolids has improved tree growth and made forest ecosystems more productive, which in turn supports wildlife habitat.

In BC, some forest soils can be rocky, low in nutrients and have poor water retention. The fertilizers that are added to forests and tree plantations typically provide only nitrogen. Nutrifor™ also supplies other essential plant nutrients, including phosphorus, zinc, boron, magnesium, sulphur and calcium.

Decades of forest research in BC and western Washington show that biosolids also benefit forest ecosystems by adding organic matter, improving soil structure and water retention, and reducing runoff and soil erosion. Biosolids also add microorganisms which make nutrients available to the plants. This results in healthy, lush growth of understory plants, providing food and cover for animals.

Thicker growth rings show that this tree grew much faster for several years
after only one application of biosolids.


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