About Biosolids (Nutrifor™)

Wastewater contains valuable nutrients. As resources worldwide become scarce, expensive and environmentally costly to produce, it is important to recover what we can from our waste. Wastewater (sewage) is increasingly recognized as a source of nutrients, energy and water that can be recovered and reused.

The highest and best use of the nutrients in our wastewater is to return them safely to the environment. Metro Vancouver recycles treated wastewater safely and responsibly to create Nutrifor™, a fertilizer made from biosolids. Adding Nutrifor™ to land provides valuable nutrients and builds healthy soil.

Metro Vancouver Embraces Integrated Resource Recovery (Treatment Plant Operator article)



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What is Nutrifor?

Nutrifor™ is the brand name for Metro Vancouver’s biosolids, which are a non-chemical, slow release alternative to conventional chemical fertilizer. Biosolids are produced from sewage solids that have been treated to eliminate harmful bacteria. These materials are broken down by microorganisms and high heat to eliminate harmful bacteria and reduce odours. The final product is an earth-like material that can be directly applied to land as a fertilizer.

Using Nutrifor™:

  • increases plant growth
  • provides essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, as well as a range of micronutrients, such as copper, iron, molybdenum and zinc
  • improves soil health by adding organic matter and creating a healthy environment for soil organisms
  • improves the ability of soils to hold water
  • reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and the heavy use of energy and resources required to produce them

How Nutrifor is used

Metro Vancouver uses Nutrifor™ at its own facilities and parks. It also partners with regional districts, ranchers, mine operators and others around the province to use Nutrifor™ to: