High quality topsoil for landscaping

Nutrifor™ Landscaping Soil is made by blending Metro Vancouver biosolids with high-quality wood chips and sand. The soil contains about 20% biosolids and works well for flower beds, shrubs and trees. Nutrifor™ Landscaping Soil is rigorously tested and meets or exceeds regulatory standards. The soil has been used in many projects throughout Metro Vancouver, including parks and green spaces, habitat corridors, and restoration projects.

Maplewood Creek Park

Maplewood Creek Park is located along the Seymour River in North Vancouver. For decades, a portion of Maplewood Creek was basically a roadside ditch with very limited spawning habitat for salmon. In partnership with the District of North Vancouver, Metro Vancouver re-aligned part of the creek and created two salmon refuge pools, two rearing reaches and a spawning channel.

As part of the restoration project, Nutrifor™ Landscaping Soil was used to plant native shrubs and trees and to restore the area to a more natural habitat. Trails were installed and the District of North Vancouver opened the area to the public.

Today, Maplewood Creek Park is a natural, self-sustaining ecosystem: an active spawning channel in the center of an urban development. The re-vegetation of the area was so successful that local streamkeepers and District of North Vancouver staff call the park “Disneyland for salmon.”

Maplewood Creek Park salmon refuge pool (2009)
Maplewood Creek Park Salmon Refuge Pool (2015)


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DRS Earthwise Garden

Built on an old agricultural works yard in Delta, BC, the DRS Earthwise Garden promotes ecological gardening practices by teaching people how to grow plants with nature in mind. Much of the garden was planted in Nutrifor™ Landscaping Soil, which served as a base for the garden beds, rejuvenating and replenishing the compacted and nutrient-poor soils. Today, this mature, one-acre garden continues to grow and thrive. It includes a native plant garden, a dry garden, a butterfly garden and abundant habitat for birds and insects.

Nutrifor™ Landscaping Soil helped turn old works yard into thriving garden
Biosolids were used as the base for the DRS Earthwise garden