Pollution Prevention Plan Regulation for Post-Secondary Laboratories

Metro Vancouver provides an important service to the region, collecting and treating wastewater to protect public health and the environment.

To encourage reductions in wastewater pollutants and wastewater volume, Metro Vancouver is proposing a requirement for post-secondary institutions with laboratories to implement Pollution Prevention Plans.


Pollution prevention planning is a flexible process to examine current operations and develop a plan to eliminate or reduce pollution at its source.

Many post-secondary institutions already have practices in place to reduce or eliminate pollutants. Pollution Prevention Plans would encourage post-secondary institutions to build on those existing practices through a comprehensive review of wastewater pollutants from their laboratories.

Which Post-Secondary Institutions would be included?

The regulation would apply to post-secondary institutions with laboratories that meet the following criteria:

Consultation Timeline

Over the next year Metro Vancouver will work with post-secondary institutions to better understand their existing practices and to develop the requirements, reporting template and implementation timeline for Pollution Prevention Plans.

Project Timeline

Project Updates

The project is currently in Phase 1. Metro Vancouver is working with post-secondary institutions to gather information on their current laboratory wastewater management practices.


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