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Wipe it, Green Bin It

Grease in sewers is an ongoing issue in the region and can lead to clogged pipes and sewer overflows into homes, businesses and the environment. Metro Vancouver's "Wipe It, Green Bin It" campaign aims to educate residents about the proper way to dispose of cooking grease and other fatty foods. The campaign asks residents to put small amounts of grease in their green bins, instead of down their sinks.

Artwork supporting the Wipe It, Green Bin It campaign is intended for posting and distribution by local governments.

Non-government agencies are required to use the Metro Vancouver logo and tagline, unaltered, with our free campaign artwork.

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Bacon Grease - Wipe It Green Bin ItBacon Grease - Wipe It Green Bin It233736132



Salad Dressing - Wipe It Green Bin ItSalad Dressing - Wipe It Green Bin It233736122



Grease Clogs Pipes (:15)Grease Clogs Pipes (:15)233726242



Grease Clogs Pipes AnimationGrease Clogs Pipes Animation219038353



Wipe It Green Bin It - Vikram Vij on GreaseWipe It Green Bin It - Vikram Vij on Grease219038688