Crime Free Multi Housing Program

Introduced in 1992 in Mesa Arizona, the Crime Free Multi Housing Program has now expanded to 44 states in the U.S, 5 Canadian Provinces, Mexico, England, Finland, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Puerto Rico. It was introduced in New Westminster in 1994 and has been adopted in many B.C. communities. A Provincial Committee was formed in 1997 and now works with the BC Crime Prevention Association to help promote and govern the Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFMH) Program in BC.

The CFMH Program is designed to help owners/managers and residents of multi-unit rental property to work with police and other agencies to keep illegal and nuisance activity off the property. The result is a safer, more habitable environment in which to live.

The Program has three phases.

Phase 1: Owners and managers attend training presented the BC Crime prevention Association CFMH Committee.

Phase 2: The local police agency conducts a security assessment of the participating property. Once minimum standards of conformance with principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) are met the property is certified in the Program.

Phase 3: The Owner/manager will host a Safety Social for the residents to continue to promote a safe rental community. A police representative would be in attendance to explain the CFMH Program and present crime prevention concepts.

Our goal is a crime free designation for each of our housing sites. Currently half of our portfolio has received the CFMH designation.