How Do I Apply?

Use the online form, or the PDF form to apply for market rate housing:

There are two methods to complete the Metro Vancouver Housing Tenancy Application Form. 

A. Submit the form online

(Note: you will still need to submit the applicable supporting documentation along with the application ID number for reference)
Online Metro Vancouver Housing Tenancy Application Form

B. PDF form

(Note: needs to be printed and completed)

Please note that it takes up to thirty days to process your application form. We will not process incomplete applications. Tenants and other occupants who fail to provide required information or who provide false or misleading income and occupancy verification information are ineligible for housing and/or rent assistance. We may also take whatever steps are available at law to end the tenancy and/or recover monies paid to the tenant or other occupant, as a result of the tenant’s failure to provide required information or if they provide false or misleading information.

​Housing Standards

MVHC follows the national housing standard for unit allocation:  no more than two no less than one person per bedroom, couples share a bedroom, parents don't share bedrooms with children, dependents of opposite sex over the age of five don't share bedrooms.

Need a Subsidy?

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