Collaborations and Partnerships

​As an organization, Metro Vancouver has deep working relationships with all orders of government throughout Canada and internationally.

Metro Vancouver Housing has worked with many different partners over the years to build and operate affordable housing across our region, including federal and provincial governments, municipalities and not-for-profit organizations. In addition, numerous partnerships with local community organizations are key to providing services for our tenants in the pursuit of supportive and inclusive communities.

These partnerships are an essential element of our success:

We also work with a wide range of local governments, agencies, community organizations, and service providers to support tenants to access the services they need.

Partnering to Support Regional Affordability

Our region is facing an affordable housing crisis. To support this need, Metro Vancouver Housing is taking some bold steps to increase our affordable housing portfolio. However, we know we can’t do it alone. Partnerships will be essential to address the shortage of affordable housing in our region.

Metro Vancouver Housing is seeking to partner with a wide range of public, private, and non-profit housing stakeholders to build, manage, and preserve affordable rental housing across the region. Check out the Metro Vancouver Housing 10-Year Plan to learn more.

 Metro Vancouver Housing 10-Year Plan

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Expression of Interest - Member Jurisdiction Lands for Metro Vancouver Housing Affordable Rental Development

Metro Vancouver Housing is looking to connect with member jurisdictions to identify opportunities for partnership to develop new affordable rental housing across the region.

As participants in the region’s affordable housing function, member jurisdictions are natural partners to collaborate with to develop new affordable housing throughout the region.

We recognize that some member jurisdictions may have limited available land, and therefore also encourage members to contact us to discuss other opportunities for collaboration. Metro Vancouver Housing is looking to increase its housing portfolio, through the development of new sites, but also through redevelopment of existing sites and through other innovative partnerships.

 Expression of Interest (Round 2) – Identifying Member Jurisdiction Lands for Affordable Rental Housing Development

 Expression of Interest (Round 2) – Submission Form

 Expression of Interest (Round 2) – Evaluation Criteria