Development Cost Charges
​Metro Vancouver collects development cost charges (DCCs) for new residential and non-residential 
developments in the region to pay for the new infrastructure needed to provide services to the future occupants of these buildings. These charges are defined in bylaws of the legal entity responsible for the infrastructure.

DCCs Update

Metro Vancouver began a review of its DCCs in late 2020 to ensure that new development in the region is adequately contributing to the cost of infrastructure expansion required to service the new development. The review is considering an update to liquid waste DCC rates as well as the establishment of a new water DCC, pending legislative changes to the Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) Act.

Work to date has included: 

  • Early engagement with members, the Province, First Nations, relevant industry stakeholders, and the public. 
  • Undertaking industry capacity analysis to understand the development industry’s capacity to absorb DCC rate increases. 
  • Modelling of DCC rates necessary to support growth projects, with consideration of variables including planning horizon, application of interest costs, assist factor, and methodology. 

The following sections give more detailed information about proposed updates to the liquid waste DCC and the establishment of a water DCC.

GVS&DD Liquid Waste DCC Update

In 2018 the Greater Vancouver Sewerage & Drainage District (GVS&DD) Board updated its DCCs for the first time since DCCs were introduced in 1997. As part of that process, industry feedback indicated that more frequent updates were preferable. As a result, Metro Vancouver committed to regularly scheduled updates of its DCC Bylaw.

Following analysis and engagement in 2020/21, a set of draft DCC rates in principle was developed and taken to the GVS&DD Board in July 2021; the Board directed staff to use the rates in principle in engagement. The rates in principle which include the application of interest are as follows:

Sewerage Area
​Fraser​$6,254 / unit
​$5,390 / unit$4,269 / unit​​$3.30 / ft2 of floor area
Lulu Island West​​$3,313 / unit$2,756 / unit​
$2,042 / unit​$1.54 / ft2 of floor area​
​North Shore$3,300 / unit​$2,786 / unit​$2,030 / unit​$1.67 / ft2 of floor area
​Vancouver$3,335 / unit​​$2,983 / unit​$1,988 / unit
​$1.63 / ft2 of floor area

A list of DCC Liquid Waste capital growth projects can be found in  this document.

Following upcoming engagement in Q3 2021 (see below for how to participate), Metro Vancouver will prepare updated liquid waste DCC rates to take to the GVS&DD Board for approval.

GVWD Water DCC Establishment 

Metro Vancouver is in the process of establishing a new DCC for regional water infrastructure. The concept of funding regional water infrastructure through DCCs has been encouraged by most members over the past few years, and is a critical component of our long term financial plan. In its 2019-22 Board Strategic Plan, the Metro Vancouver Board committed to pursuing the adoption of DCCs as part of a plan to improve the financial sustainability of water delivery to the region. 

The Greater Vancouver Water District (GVWD) is guided by distinct legislation, and amendments are required before a regional water DCC can be created. Metro Vancouver has initiated the process for amending the legislation with the Province of British Columbia. 

Similar to the liquid waste DCC update process, a set of draft water DCC rates in principle is being developed and will be taken to the GVWD Board for consideration; these rates in principle will then be used in engagement with interested parties.

Public and stakeholder input

Metro Vancouver organized two online stakeholder forums to engage with industry stakeholders, the public, and other interested parties on the proposed update to Metro Vancouver’s DCCs. The two forums took place on Sept 13 and Sept 15.

Answers to many common questions about the DCC projects can be found in this FAQ document

In addition to comments received at the online forums, written comments are also welcome and should be submitted to feedback for the liquid waste DCC update is requested by September 30, 2021, and feedback for the water DCC establishment will be accepted until a deadline is known.

How can I stay informed?

This website will be the best source of updates on the DCCs. 

If you want to be notified of any events or information updates, please sign up for our DCC Mailing List or continue to check back on this website.


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