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Air Quality and Climate Change Basics
Current Air Quality
Visual Air Quality
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Annual Air Quality Report
Metro Vancouver publishes an annual report summarizing data from the Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality Network.

 2013 Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality Monitoring Report 

 2012 Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality Monitoring Report

Historical reports can be accessed from our publications database.

Station Information
This report provides details about each station such as location, surrounding population density, land use and terrain.

 Station Information: Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality Monitoring Network


Current Air Quality 


This web-app displays air quality and weather data from the Lower Fraser Valley Air Quality Monitoring Network in southwestern British Columbia, Canada. Metro Vancouver operates this network in cooperation with the Fraser Valley Regional District, Environment Canada and other partners.

This application works on both mobile and desktop devices. It works best with the latest versions of: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Earlier versions of these browsers may experience reduced functionality.

Click on the picture to launch AirMap.
Once open, you can select “Current Air Quality – By Station”, “Current Air Quality – By Pollutant” and “Current Weather – By Station”.

If you have any questions or feedback on AirMap please contact us at

 Terms and Conditions

Exposure to air contaminants may present risks to a person's health. Persons or entities using the data and information presented in AirMap do so at their own risk.

The data presented in AirMap has been collected on a near "real-time" basis by automated monitors. It is preliminary in nature and has not been checked or verified, so erroneous data may be presented. Errors may occur due to a number of causes, such as instrument malfunctions or power outages. Therefore, the data and information is subject to change, without notice, pending the application of quality assurance and verification procedures.

Neither the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD), nor any director, officer, employee or agent of the GVRD makes any warrant regarding the data or information provided and shall not be held liable for any losses caused by reliance on the data or information. AirMap data is provided on an "AS IS" basis without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied, including without limitation, as to its quality, accuracy, suitability, reliability, usability, completeness, timeliness or applicability for particular purposes.

This data and information are protected under applicable copyright and other proprietary laws.

Your use of AirMap, its data and/or the information presented constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions fo Use.

Please visit the BC Air Data Archive if you would like to download the data in full.

Visual Air Quality
Some of our network stations also track visual air quality. Visit and click on "Community" to view the latest photos of the visual air quality from each station.
Specialized Studies
In addition to monitoring air quality at our network stations, Metro Vancouver periodically conducts specialized monitoring studies by deploying portable air quality monitoring equipment in suspected problem areas. Click here to learn more about these studies.