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Air Quality and Climate Change Basics
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Have you experienced an air quality issue in your neighbourhood such as odour, smoke, dust or other emissions? Call our Air Quality Hotline at 604-436-6777 or fill out our air quality complaint form to let us know.

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Air Quality and Climate Change 
Metro Vancouver monitors air quality in the region, controls industrial, commercial and some residential emissions, creates long-term plans and compiles emission inventories. In addition, Metro Vancouver, the B.C. Government and many local governments are also taking a leadership role by setting targets and implementing programs to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions.
What's New
2014 CftA CoverCheck out our 2014 version of Caring for the Air to learn about the “state of the air” in the Lower Mainland and key initiatives we are undertaking to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Ground-level ozone has been a focus of Metro Vancouver's air quality program for a number of years.  Our programs have been successful in dealing with the short-term peak levels of ozone that we have experienced on hot summer days. The new Regional Ground-Level Ozone Strategy builds on previous efforts to address peak levels, but also guides policy direction on ozone levels throughout the year.
BC Climate Action GroupThe joint Provincial-UBCM Green Communities Committee established a multi-level Climate Action Recognition Program as a way of acknowledging the progress and efforts being taken by local government leaders as they work to achieve their climate goals. Metro Vancouver was recognized for our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our corporate operations and community during 2012.
Metro Vancouver studied air emissions from diesel trucks and buses in our region and found that older vehicles are dirtier than newer vehicles.  We also found “gross” emitters that emitted many times more pollution than their same-age counterparts.  Watch this webinar to learn more.

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