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Air Quality Complaints 

Please use the following form for complaints related to air quality in the Metro Vancouver region, such as odour, smoke, dust or other emissions. 

Should you wish to remain anonymous, you must register your complaint with a live operator at our 24 hour air quality complaint line 604-436-6777. Please note that a high volume of complaints may result in delays responding to your submission.  If you require a more immediate response, please contact our complaint line at 604-436-6777. Complaints received between the hours of 11:30 pm and 7:30 am will not be reviewed until after 7:30 am the next business day.

* - All fields are mandatory
* First Name:
* Last Name:
* Street address:
* City:
* Description of Air Quality Complaint: Provide as much information as possible regarding the type of air quality complaint (i.e. dust, smoke, odour etc.) and the description of the issue.

Supporting Images
If you have any pictures to support the complaint, please include a link to the image, or send an email to Regulation& with the images attached.

Pictures to come by email?

Link to picture:

* Suspected source: (name and/or address)
* Is the problem occurring now?

* Do you require a call back?   If no, note that you may be contacted for further information, if required.

*Contact number:   
*Type the phrase from the image below: