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The first phase of consultation on proposals for an emission regulation described in Consultation on an Alternative Approach for Regulating Emissions from Open-Air Burning of Vegetative Debris in Metro Vancouver was conducted from November 2019 to July 2020. Following this initial consultation process, Metro Vancouver is considering options to address concerns and suggestions raised. It is anticipated there will be additional opportunities to provide feedback during a second phase of consultation.

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You can provide feedback through AQBylaw@metrovancouver.org or 604-432-6200. All feedback received during consultation will be compiled and presented to the MVRD Board. Comments will be taken into consideration until the MVRD Board makes a decision about a bylaw for managing emissions from open-air burning of vegetative debris.


Engagement Opportunities


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Two public webinars were held in July 2020 that offered general information and opportunities for questions about proposals to manage emissions from open-air burning of vegetative debris. You can view the presentation slides from the webinars here.



Impacts on Air Quality

Smoke emissions from open-air burning of vegetative debris contain fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful compounds. Some of these contaminants are associated with health issues, environmental issues, and climate change. Because of the population density in parts of Metro Vancouver, smoke emissions from open-air burning can impact many people. Within the region, open-air burning activities are authorized for specific times under certain conditions, and this can create the potential for short-term exposure to elevated levels of smoke. [see Discussion Paper for more details on impacts.]

Metro Vancouver currently authorizes emissions from open-air burning of vegetative debris through site-specific approvals. The region currently does not have an emission regulation for open-air burning; this proposed regulation is intended to provide a simple and more efficient way to authorize open-air burning of vegetative debris in cases where specified requirements are met.

A new emission regulation for the Metro Vancouver region cannot be less restrictive than what is required by the provincial Open Burning Smoke Control Regulation that was amended in September 2019.


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