Wood Stove Exchange

​Metro Vancouver residents are eligible to receive a $250 rebate for trading in their old uncertified wood burning appliance for a new low emission appliance. For more details on which low emission appliances qualify as a replacement unit, please see the information listed under the heading of “Shop for a new low emission appliance”.

How To Participate

Step 1 – Determine if your appliance qualifies for an exchange

The following appliances qualify for an exchange under this program:

  • A free-standing non-EPA certified “stove”. A “homemade” or “barrel” stove, 
  • A so-called “airtight” non-EPA certified fireplace insert, or tube type heat exchanger with a face plate and door (like the ‘Free Heat Machine’ or Welenco) that is currently installed in an open hearth fireplace, 
  • A non-EPA certified “wood furnace” (ducted, forced air, home heating appliance) – may only be replaced by an EPA certified wood furnace or pellet furnace,
  • A wood-burning cook stove,
  • An open hearth fireplace (must receive prior approval from Program Coordinator).

Step 2 – Shop for a new low emission appliance

When you are ready to shop for your new low-emission appliance, visit a participating retailer (see link to list below) to arrange purchase. The following NEW units qualify as replacement appliances under this program:

  • An EPA certified wood stove, a pellet stove, or a high efficiency gas stove/fireplace,
  • An EPA certified wood insert, a pellet insert, electric insert or a high efficiency gas insert,
  • An EPA certified factory-built fireplace – may only be accepted if it is replacing a NON EPA certified WOOD STOVE OR NON EPA certified WOOD INSERT (not an existing factory built fireplace),
  • A heat pump system as approved by the Program Coordinator.

 Wood Stove Exchange Program - Participating Retailers

​Step 3 – Obtain permits

  • Contact your municipality about obtaining a building permit for the installation of your new appliance.
  • Contact your insurance company to find out if there are any savings associated with the exchange of your old appliance. Also, you may need to confirm if your insurance company imposes any additional requirements, such as an inspection by a WETT (Wood Energy Technical Training) certified technician, for the installation of the new appliance.

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  • Wood Stove Exchange Program




Step 4 – Fill out paperwork and disable & recycle your old appliance

Your retailer will help you fill out the necessary paperwork and also with disabling & recycling your old wood appliance. If preferred, residents can disable and recycle their old appliance on their own, however, prior to beginning these steps you must contact the Program Coordinator or your retailer for important information on the proper procedure.

Step 5 – Receive your rebate

The retailer will help you ensure all the required paperwork and documentation is forwarded to Metro Vancouver for verification and processing. Please note that it may take up to 8 weeks, once the completed paperwork has been submitted, before you receive the rebate cheque via Canada Post.