Integrated Air Quality & Greenhouse Gas Management Plan

Metro Vancouver adopted the Integrated Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan (IAQGGMP) in October 2011.​

The long-term vision for air quality and greenhouse gas management in Metro Vancouver is:

Healthy, clean and clear air for current and future generations

The Integrated Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Management Plan establishes three primary goals, which are addressed by 12 strategies and 81 actions for Metro Vancouver and its partners. The implementation of these actions requires collaboration and integration to ensure an informed and coordinated process.

Goal 1 - Protect public health and the environment

The freedom to breathe clean air is a basic human right. Metro Vancouver is committed to minimizing the risk to public health from air pollution and protecting the environment. Addressing common air contaminants will generally benefit both human health and the environment.

Goal 2:  Improve visual air quality

Clear, haze-free views improve the well-being of residents and benefit the tourism industry.

With improved visual air quality, the residents of Metro Vancouver and visitors can better enjoy the region’s magnificent scenery.

Goal 3:  Minimize the region’s contribution to global climate change

Climate change is occurring worldwide.  The Metro Vancouver region has a global responsibility to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, thereby minimizing its contribution to global climate change.


Although the strategies and actions in this Plan aspire to meet all three goals, they have been organized by their primary goal.  Where actions provide benefit in more than one goal area that will be explained in the description of the action. The actions that fall under each strategy will be prioritized based on their potential to reduce public exposure to contaminants that pose the highest risk to human health, improve visual air quality and achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions.