Tools to help you through the process of getting EV charging in your strata building.


Resources to help you through the process of getting EV charging in your strata building.

Charging Solutions and Incentives Program (CSI) - This program provides support and advice on EV charging in multi-family dwellings. It also offers incentives of up to 75% (up to $4000) off the cost of purchasing and installing an EV charging stations in a condo.

Civil Resolution Tribunal - An option to consider if the steps outlined in this website fail to gain traction is to use the dispute resolution processes offered by the Civil Resolution Tribunal. This is Canada’s first online tribunal for resolving strata and small claims disputes.

Strata Bylaw Templates for EV Charging – Plug in BC has several downloadable templates for strata bylaws to enable EV charging.

Strata Lawyer - The BC government maintains a website with information on strata law, as well as links to strata lawyers.

Certified Electrical Contractor

Clean Energy Vehicles (CEV) for BC Program - provides rebates for eligible electric vehicle purchases. This website also maintains a list of dealerships in BC currently selling electric vehicles.

EV friendly strata - community-driven registry of apartments and townhomes with EV charging.

Condominium Home Owners Association of BC (CHOA) - CHOA is a non-profit association which provides services and resources to strata corporations on a variety of matters, including electric vehicle charging.


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Useful references

Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Strata Properties in British Columbia - The Condominium Home Owners Association of BC publishes this guide. This rich resource walks through the process of installing EV charging in condos and contains an appendix with useful information, including information on charging times by vehicle.

Plug-in BC - ​has a lot of resources on electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging.

Plug'n Drive

Enabling Electric Vehicle Charging in Condos

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - for Multi-Unit Residential and Mix-Use Commercial/Residential Buildings (Building Owners and Managers Association of BC )

Canadian Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Deployment Guidelines 2014 (CEATI International)

Electric Vehicle and Charging Information Websites

Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association

Victoria EV Club


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