Regional Climate Projections and Adaptation

Climate change will have multiple impacts in our region. Metro Vancouver's ability to adapt to the changing climate requires projections of future temperature and precipitation in the region. Work has been completed by the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium (PCIC) to understand the details of how our climate may change by the 2050s and 2080s.  This report provides information to support our region to adapt to the changes ahead.

​Metro Vancouver is examining the impact that climate change will have on our services, including infrastructure (pumps, wastewater treatment plants, etc.) and regional parks. For example, Metro Vancouver and several partners assessed the vulnerability of the region’s sewerage systems to flooding from changes in precipitation, sea level rise and storm events. Metro Vancouver has also produced rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) curves for the future climate to assist in sewerage and drainage infrastructure planning and design.

In order to respond to the projected climate changes and their impacts in our region, Metro Vancouver’s member jurisdictions are planning for current and future climate influenced risks and taking a variety of actions. This report commissioned by Metro Vancouver summarizes some of the work being undertaken in the region.