Corporate Climate Action and Carbon Neutrality

In 2007, Metro Vancouver committed to measure and report greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, aim for carbon neutrality, and create compact, energy efficient communities by signing the B.C. Climate Action Charter.

Metro Vancouver has established a Corporate Climate Action Plan to reduce GHG emissions within our own organization. Metro Vancouver’s Climate 2050 Strategy commits to achieving a carbon neutral, resilient region by 2050, and includes a commitment to corporate carbon neutrality. Metro Vancouver implements a portfolio of emission reduction projects associated with its activities in the region to achieve measurable and verifiable GHG emissions reductions, and is developing and implementing emission reduction plans for each of its service areas, to work towards achieving corporate carbon neutrality.

Climate 2050 Snapshot

The Climate 2050 Snapshot meets Metro Vancouver’s commitment to regular and transparent reporting on progress on the Climate 2050 Strategy, including both corporate and regional climate actions.

Climate 2050 Snapshot

For a complete list of climate action projects implemented in 2021, see the Metro Vancouver 2021 Climate Action Project List. 

 2021 Climate Action Project List

Local Carbon Registry: Metro Vancouver's Green Communities Committee-supported Greenhouse Gas Reduction Projects

Metro Vancouver undertakes greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction projects to balance GHG emissions from traditional local government services, and claims carbon credits from these projects to balance corporate GHG emissions. To ensure transparency, projects are registered to the Local Carbon Registry, a publicly accessible platform that can be utilized by local and regional governments to set up their GHG inventory, register their emission reduction projects and report on carbon neutrality progress.

Local Carbon Registry