Local governments are taking action on climate change, but we all need to do more. We recognize that it takes the actions of many to accelerate our response on climate change -- to both prepare for and adapt to the changes we won't avoid, and to lower our GHG emissions. This website provides just some examples of community initiatives in this region and further around the world.

Local Initiatives

  • Green Shores Initiative
    This initiative, from the Stewardship Centre for BC, promotes practices that restore and protect the natural beauty of shorelines in developed areas; which are also a cost-effective way to address sea level rise.
  • Municipal Natural Assets Initiative (MNAI)
    The MNAI provides scientific, economic and municipal expertise to support and guide local governments in identifying, valuing and accounting for natural assets in their financial planning and asset management programs, and in developing sustainable and climate-resilient infrastructure.
  • British Columbia Drought Response Plan, June 2018
    Drought happens when our region lacks precipitation over an extended period, resulting in a water shortage for activities, communities or aquatic ecosystems. This plan outlines the activities the provincial government is taking to prepare for drought.
  • British Columbia Flood Response Plan, 2013
    This plan describes the roles and responsibilities of the ministries involved in flood management during an integrated provincial response event. It sets out a concept of operations that fosters collaboration among multiple organizations active in managing the consequences of a flood emergency.


National and Global Initiatives