Find examples of data that Metro Vancouver and other organizations use to analyze and plan for action. If you have questions about this information contact the project team at


  • ​Climate Projections for Metro Vancouver
    Information provided in this document is intended to describe a probable future and enable our region’s planners, engineers, and policy makers to make better-informed decisions on how to plan and adapt to changes ahead. 
  • Global Climate Change Trends and Evidence
    This appendix, from Metro Vancouver's Climate 2050 Strategic Framework, provides a snapshot of some of the key data points and observed trends related to global climate change. References and links are provided to key sources of information, which provide more in-depth data, trends, and scientific analysis. 
  • Lower Fraser Valley Air Emissions Inventory, 2015
    This report provides the results of the 2015 Lower Fraser Valley airshed emissions inventory and forecast, including information on the types of air emission sources in the Lower Fraser Valley, their location and the amount of air contaminants emitted. 
  • Regional Climate Change Adaptation Scan, 2015
    This report summarizes existing, current Climate Change Adaptation research, planning, actions and initiatives in this region, and it indicates almost all Metro Vancouver municipalities are incorporating climate change impacts and adaptation into policy documents. 
  • ​Caring for the Air Reports
    Metro Vancouver’s Caring for the Air report is an easy-to-read annual publication that provides information about air quality and climate change issues in our region, as well as programs that protect public health and the environment, improve visual air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • ​Annual Ambient Air Quality Reports
    Historical air quality trends as measured by the Lower Air Quality Monitoring Network. 

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