​Local governments have been active in climate action for twenty years, but we need to do more. Metro Vancouver is working with residents, municipalities, and other partners to develop a roadmap for climate action for energy in this region.

In 2022 Metro Vancouver published a draft Roadmap exploring opportunities for emissions reductions for energy. This Roadmap supports an ongoing conversation on the bold actions required today to achieve a carbon neutral region by 2050.

Energy is critical to our daily lives—energy heats and cools our homes, fuels our vehicles and powers our society. However, the majority of the energy we use today is derived from fossil fuels, a major source of greenhouse gases and other air contaminant emissions. As we transition to clean, renewable energy, we need to transform the way we generate, distribute and use energy.

Energy systems are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Extreme weather can affect energy infrastructure and lead to higher frequency of power outages. As the region responds to a changing climate, we need to maintain and strengthen our energy system to ensure that the region has access to reliable energy, now and into the future.

We created a roadmap to help us reach a low-carbon, resilient future. By 2050, we can reduce total energy use by using less energy and investing in energy-efficient technologies. We can transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy in a way that is fair and equitable for residents, businesses and industries.

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