Metro Vancouver, in collaboration with a broad range of organizations, and including public input, is in the process of developing a series of Roadmaps for climate action in this region. This page connects readers to the current Climate 2050 Roadmaps and their pre-cursers, a series of Climate 2050 Discussion Papers.

Click through the images below to find descriptions of what to expect in each document (e.g. priorities for greenhouse gas reductions, climate adaptation, air quality and more), and information on providing your feedback. You can also, at any time, provide comments directly to the project team at

Climate 2050 Roadmaps

Metro Vancouver is generating a series of Climate 2050 Roadmaps, each addressing a key area for climate action in this region. Together, the Roadmaps describe the trajectory toward a resilient, low carbon region, and outline regional (led by organizations other than Metro Vancouver) and corporate (led by Metro Vancouver) actions.

Climate 2050 Draft Roadmaps

Climate 2050 Discussion Papers

A Climate 2050 Discussion Paper precedes the development of each Roadmap, and is generated as an engagement tool, and an indication of the direction the subsequent Roadmap may take. The Discussion Papers indicate the issues, opportunities, actions by others and potential priorities to be considered in developing a Roadmap.