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  • ​Lower Fraser Valley Air Emissions Inventory and Forecast (2015)
    Thousands of sources release air contaminants every day. Emission sources range in size from your vehicle and your household furnace, to small businesses, marine vessels and large-scale industrial operations. To keep track of these emissions, Metro Vancouver compiles an "emission inventory" every five years. The inventory describes the types and amounts of contaminants released into the air by different types of sources.
  • Community Energy and Emissions Inventory
    The Province’s Community Energy and Emissions Inventory provides an indicative inventory of energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and supporting indicators at the community level.
  • BC Assessment
    BC Assessment works with all levels of government to provide information collected through real property assessments. Information such as year built, heating type and floor space are useful to understand the level of greenhouse gas emissions from homes.

Related Metro Vancouver Plans and Policies

  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Buildings Policy
    Establishes standards for sustainable design and construction of Metro Vancouver infrastructure and buildings.
  • Carbon Price Policy
    Establishes a price on greenhouse gas emissions and enables the value of those GHG emissions to be incorporated into Life Cycle Cost Analyses for Metro Vancouver projects or initiatives.