Metro Vancouver’s Corporate Climate Policies

​Climate 2050 is closely linked to Metro Vancouver’s other plans and policies. For example, a series of Board supported policies guide decision making for the corporation, and some of these policies specifically enable climate action. Metro Vancouver’s current climate-related policies are provided below.

Any questions about these policies can be directed to the Climate 2050 project team.

  • Liquid Waste Heat Recovery Policy
    Enables the use of waste heat and associated greenhouse gas emission reductions from Metro Vancouver’s liquid waste system by external parties.
  • Energy Management Policy
    Defines the objectives for managing energy in Metro Vancouver operations and activities and provides the principles and criteria to develop an Energy Management System consistent with Metro Vancouver’s ongoing commitments to carbon neutrality and fiscal responsibility.
  • Fleet Planning and Acquisition Policy
    Provides direction and guidance on planning and acquiring Metro Vancouver’s Fleet assets including achieving continuous improvement in reducing fleet greenhouse gas emissions
  • Carbon Price Policy
    Establishes a price on Applicable Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, and enables the value of those GHG emissions to be incorporated into Life Cycle Cost Analyses for Metro Vancouver projects or initiatives.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Buildings Policy
    Establishes standards for sustainable design and construction of Metro Vancouver infrastructure and buildings.
  • Sustainable Infrastructure and Buildings Policy and Design Guide
    The Sustainable Infrastructure and Buildings Policy sets standards for sustainable design, construction and retrofitting of Metro Vancouver's infrastructure and buildings. The accompanying Design Guide provides additional details on performance standards for key areas of sustainability and climate action, and pathways for projects to meet these standards.