Featured Initiatives

Metro Vancouver and municipal governments around this region have been taking action on climate for twenty years.
Find local examples of leading policies, infrastructure and good choices for a better future below.

New Discussion Papers

Metro Vancouver has published Discussion Papers exploring opportunities for the deep emissions reductions required to achieve a carbon neutral region by 2050. Read the Transportation, Industry, and Buildings Discussion Papers.

Metro Vancouver's Regional Services

Metro Vancouver provides the vital services and solutions that are the foundation of our economic, ecological and social health. Watch to learn more about these services and how they protect the livability of our region.

Coquitlam Glacier Melting Faster Than Anticipated

A geoscientist returns to the Coquitlam Glacier to see how climate change has taken a toll on the ice since his last study trip in 2007.

Climate 2050

The Climate 2050 Strategic Framework will guide our region's policies and collective actions to transition our region to a low carbon future, increasing the health, well-being and prosperity of Metro Vancouver residents.

Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

This initiative supports local governments to integrate natural asset management into core asset management and financial processes, with a goal of understanding, managing and valuing natural assets in an equivalent manner as a community’s built environment. Learn more.

Urban Forest Adaptation Initiative

Metro Vancouver’s Urban Forest Adaptation Initiative assesses the risks and predicted changes to the region’s urban forest. The initiative provides guidance to help practitioners manage urban forests in a changing climate today and to prepare for the future. Learn more.