As a strata council you may be considering installing EV charging for a number of reasons, including:

  • You’ve received a request from a resident with an electric vehicle or looking to purchase an EV;
  • You heard about a government incentive aimed at reducing the cost of installing EV charging in a multi-unit residential buildings;
  • The developer of your new condo included several EV charging stations and as a new strata council you are trying to figure out how to manage these stations; or
  • You wish to increase the value and attractiveness of your strata building for prospective future homebuyers.

Electric vehicles are increasingly popular because of their performance, low emissions and low “fuel” costs. In British Columbia, you can charge an electric vehicle at home for under $2 day. Although EVs currently number only a few thousand across the Province, the rate of growth is exponential.

Number of registered pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in Metro Vancouver (2010-2015). Data from ICBC for end of June each year.


Growing sales mean a greater need for places to charge. Most EVs are charged at home at night, which means that strata councils will increasingly face requests for EV charging.

Getting ahead of the curve by installing EV charging now can benefit your strata by:

  • retaining current homeowners; 
  • attracting new home buyers; 
  • increasing property values; and 
  • taking advantage of limited-time government incentives

Most buildings in British Columbia can accommodate some level of electric vehicle charging and a number of apartments and townhouses have already installed electric vehicle chargers. There are a variety of charging options available to your strata. Some can be implemented fairly easily and with minimal cost. The cost to set up electric vehicle charging can range from $300-$2500 for a simple charger that plugs into a normal outlet (Level 1), to $6000-$20,000 for a more powerful charger that can charge a vehicle more quickly (Level 2).

The charging solution that is right for your building will depend on the charging need and your building’s situation. The next few pages walk through the 4 step process to installing EV chargers in your building.

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