A request for charging can come from a homeowner or the strata council itself. Your first step is to understand your needs and options for charging. You will want to work through a number of details with respect to the technology and cost. If responding to a homeowner request, you will want to include them in the discussion.

Work through charger options

The type of charger

Level 1 chargers (using a regular outlet) may be easier and cheaper to install, but have slower charging speeds. Level 2 chargers (more powerful chargers) can charge a vehicle more quickly, but can be more challenging and expensive to install.

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If you are planning for present need or future demand

If considering a present request, determine how many homeowners want a charger. If planning for the future, consider how many homeowners are likely to want a charger in the next 5-10 years. For example, a strata can save money in the long run by pre-installing connections or conduits for multiple chargers that will be used in the future, rather than adding one electric vehicle charger at a time.

 Potential locations for Chargers 

Chargers are usually located in a homeowner's parking stall or visitor parking. Installation costs are likely to be lower for stalls that are closer to an electrical outlet or the electrical room.

The type of access

Access to the charger may be exclusive to one homeowner or shared between several electric vehicle drivers (including other homeowners and visitors). Access type can affect the number of chargers installed, the suitability of charging locations, and the type of charger(s) selected.

Work through cost and payment options

Payment for the charger and installation

Charger and installation costs can be covered by the strata corporation or by the homeowner making the request. The party covering the cost typically assumes ownership, but this is not always the case.

Incentives available

Incentives may be available to cover all or part of the installation or charger costs.

 Tools and Resources for currently available incentives

Electricity use

The strata council will need to decide how to recover costs, and if electricity use will be tracked. Billing options include monthly user fees or direct payments for charger usage.

 See Full list of billing options.

Next Step

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